The following is a list of characters from Night of the Living Dummy in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Description
Kris Powell

Kris is the main protagonist and the twelve-year-old twin sister of Lindy Powell. She is tall and thin with short blonde hair. Much like her sister, she is extremely competitive. After Kris gets jealous over Lindy finding Slappy the dummy, she gets her own in Mr. Wood.
Lindy Powell

Lindy is the twin sister of Kris. Like Kris, she is tall and thin, but her blonde hair is in a ponytail. After finding Slappy the Dummy in a dumpster, she takes up ventriloquism and proves to be quite successful at it. She is a bit more mature than Kris, but still plays tricks on her sister, making her believe Mr. Wood is alive.

Barky is the pet dog of the Powell family. He is a small black terrier.
Mrs. Powell

Mrs. Powell is the mother of Kris and Lindy.

Slappy is a ventriloquist dummy that Lindy finds in a dumpster. He has brown hair painted to his head, blue eyes and red-painted on lips. He wears a gray double breasted suit, a white shirt and brown leather shoes. For the majority of the book he isn't alive, but is brought to life at the very end of the book, ready to make the Powells his slaves.
Mr. Powell

Mr. Powell is the father of Kris and Lindy. He is the one that buys Mr. Wood for Kris.
Mr. Wood

Mr. Wood is a ventriloquist dummy that Mr. Powell buys for Kris. He has red hair and wears a red flannel shirt and denim jeans. He is accidentally brought to life by Kris later in the book and causes mayhem, getting Kris in trouble and threatening to make her his slave.
Cody Matthews

Cody is a friend of Lindy and Kris. He has straight blonde hair, gray eyes and a serious, slender face. He's also a bit more serious, not really laughing at much, particularly Kris' act with Mr. Wood.

Alice is another friend of Kris and Lindy's. She has straight black hair, a snub nose, and a heart shaped mouth. Much like Cody, she thinks that Kris and Lindy are weird.
Amy Marshall

Another friend of Lindy's who invites her to perform with Slappy at her birthday party.
Mrs. Marshall

Mrs. Marshall is Amy's Mom. She gives Lindy twenty-five dollars for her performance at Amy's party.
Anna Evans

Anna is another of Lindy's friends who has a birthday party for Lindy to perform.
Mrs. Evans

Mrs. Evans is the mother of Anna. She invites Lindy to perform for Slappy for thirty dollars.
Mrs. Berman

Mrs. Berman is the overweight school music teacher. She invites Kris to perform with Mr. Wood at school, but Mr. Wood insults her weight before spewing green liquid from his mouth at everyone.
Mrs. Petrie

Mrs. Petrie works for the local TV station Channel Three. She was at Amy's birthday party and invites Lindy to go on their show Talent Search.
Mr. and Mrs. Miller

The Millers are an elderly couple who are neighbors to the Powell family. They look and dress surprisingly alike, although Mr. Miller has a small mustache. They come over to be entertained by the girls and their dummies, but Mr. Wood insults them instead.
Steamroller operator

The man who operates the steamroller that runs over Mr. Wood.
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