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Night in Werewolf Woods is the fifth book in the Give Yourself Goosebumps gamebook series. It was published in 1996.

The prismatic hologram design consists of purple-red with a hint of blue colored circles connected by diamonds. The cover illustration consists of vicious werewolves howling and snarling inside a forest clearing. In the background, one werewolf is howling on a cliff, with the full moon behind it.



Get out your bathing suit! You and your family are off on a summer vacation to a place called WoodsWorld. You can't wait to mess around down at the lake. Then at the Kids only Campfire you hear the rumor about WoodsWorld. Legend has it, werewolves roam the woods at night. But you're not scared. You're ready for adventure.

Will you explore the deepest, darkest part of the woods? Brave the Tunnel of Waves, home of the terrifying lake monster? Or battle an army of red fire ants? The choice is yours in this scary GOOSEBUMPS adventure that's packed with over 20 super-spooky endings!


You are vacationing at WoodsWorld, a resort in the middle of the woods, accompanied by a dorky family friend, Todd Morris. Todd's box of Pewter figurines is stolen from him by a band of bullies named the Murphy Brothers and he begs you to get them back for him. You go to the Kids Only Campfire to do so and hear Sharky Murphy tell the legends of the Werewolves of WoodsWorld. The legend says that the wolves will leave at dawn, and that you must get the box before the wolves come out. You attempt to get the box and must face a pack of angry werewolves, and discover that Todd is one of them, or face a lake monster, fight off trolls, or battle an army of fire ants.

List of endings

There are fifteen bad endings, two ambiguous endings, and six good endings.

Bad endings

Ending Paths

You answer the Goosebumps question wrong and you turn into a paper-lantern person.

  • 9-13-37-57

You and Todd have to continuously howl to keep the werewolves away, but there is seemingly no way to escape from them.

  • 9-13-37-68-33

You fail to catch Todd and he falls down the bottomless pit.

  • 9-13-37-68-111-61

You push the STOP button in an elevator and you stop the story. You have no ending.

  • 9-13-37-68-111-80-88-21

The werewolves makes friends with the Murphy brothers.

  • 9-13-37-68-111-80-116-84

You and Todd turn into werewolves.

  • 9-13-81-7

You are swallowed whole by the Deep Woods Lake Monster.

  • 9-13-81-85-47-51

You fail to capture a werewolf, and capture a dog instead.

  • 9-71-30-50-16

You wake up in your bed and see that Todd has turned into a werewolf.

  • 9-71-30-50-45-18-119

The troll curses you, Todd, and Lauren to say only one word: Gyzacck.

  • 9-71-30-95-25

A troll turns you, Todd, Lauren, and the Murphy brothers into trolls, with you as the troll leader.

  • 9-71-30-95-56-120-60-73-64

The troll turns you, Todd, and Lauren into fishes, and transports all of you to the Deep Woods Lake.

  • 9-71-30-95-56-120-60-131-69-107-77-118-63

You hit a mirror with the troll's reflection, instead of the troll himself. The troll turns you and Lauren into clones of Todd.

  • 9-71-30-95-56-120-60-131-69-107-100-55-101

The troll controls you and everyone else in WoodsWorld.

  • 9-71-30-95-56-120-60-131-128

It is implied that you were destroyed by a werewolf doctor.

  • 9-71-30-95-56-120-76

Ambiguous endings

Ending Paths

You stop the werewolves with jawbreakers, but you're stuck looking for Todd's box.

  • 9-71-30-50-45-18-32

You apologize to the fire ants, but you still have to find Todd's box.

  • 9-71-30-50-45-35

Good endings

Ending Paths

The whole ordeal was a dream, and you find out that only you and your parents will be going to WoodsWorld.

  • 9-13-37-68-111-80-88-29

You defeat the werewolves with Todd's pewter collection as they fall into the pit and you wind up saving the Murphy brothers, who become friends with you and Todd. You accept Todd as a friend and feel nothing will ever scare both of you now.

  • 9-13-37-68-111-80-116-87

A troll ends up finding Todd's box, but you manage to force him to drop it by shaking the tree he's sitting in. After Todd retrieves his box, he, Lauren, and you race back to the cabin.

  • 9-71-30-95-56-26

The trolls disappear into the ground and you walk back to your cabin.

  • 9-71-30-95-56-120-60-73-94

You wake up in your bed at the cabin and find out the whole thing was a dream. Todd is also waiting for you at the kids-only campfire.

  • 9-71-30-95-56-120-60-131-69-107-77-82

The other trolls defeat the evil troll leader. The Murphy brothers give Todd his box back and become friends with you, Todd, and Lauren. You have to admit that Todd is cool.

  • 9-71-30-95-56-120-60-131-69-107-77-118-92

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  • Illustrator Mark Nagata said in an interview that this book's cover was his favorite in the series.[1]
  • The phrase "How-ow-ow-owl!" is said 22 times throughout the book.
  • This book references Charles Lindbergh, Thurgood Marshall, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, King Kong, Mighty Joe Young, and Superman. Additionally, Cherry O's are a parody of Cheerio's, and the phrase "the hills are alive with the sound of trolls' whistles" is a reference to The Sound of Music.
  • There is a reference to The Werewolf of Fever Swamp in this book, in the form of a quiz. However, the quiz is for the reader and not for their character.