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Nicole Blake is one of the main characters in The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena. She is the younger sister of Jordan Blake.


Nicole and Jordan's parents have divorced and their mother moved to Pennsylvania while Nicole and Jordan stayed in Pasadena with their father, Garrison Blake, who is a professional photographer. Whenever their father was out to do some photography, Nicole and Jordan were always left in the heat of their home and in the care of Mrs. Hitchens (who hasn't been a pleasant sitter), as their mother hasn't completely settled in her new home yet. Every time their father got home, they would follow him to the developing room to see the photos he has taken in his travels. Nicole and Jordan were also tired of the heat in Pasadena and have always been wanting to see snow, as they have seen on television and in pictures and imagining how cold it is.

General information


Nicole is a very intelligent girl, who has a mind filled with a lot of information. In fact, Nicole is so smart that she had skipped a grade and landed in her brother's grade even though she is a year younger than him! She is always quick to say whatever facts there were, even when there are no questions asked, but it gave her a habit of interrupting others by doing it. Because of this, she doesn't often get along with Jordan, who is always annoyed with her for acting like his teacher and Nicole can get pretty cheeky with him, though she is more sensible than him. Sometimes she and Jordan also have to stick together, especially with the Miller twins as Nicole cannot stand them because of their vicious pranks. Like Jordan, Nicole had also wanted to see snow, but after their adventures in it and the encounter with the Abominable Snowman, Nicole had learned to accept the heat in her home.

Physical appearance

Nicole is eleven years old, Caucasian, tall and thin with greenish-blonde hair and tan skin.




  • Nicole is the first female protagonist whose parents are divorced.
  • Nicole's name was changed to "Ana Garcia" in Goosebumps Graphix.