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Nathan is one of many camp counselors at Camp Slither from the ninth Goosebumps HorrorLand book, Welcome to Camp Slither.


General information

Psychical appearance

Nathan, in his human form, is either 18 or 19, has long scraggly black hair that goes down to his shoulders, a silver ear ring in one ear, and a fake tattoo of a bat on his right hand. Nathan (in his snake form) is a rare breed of cottonmouth viper.


Nathan has a relaxed attitude. This changes when Boone goes into the laboratory; Nathan's personality becomes near-robotic, and he begins saying things such as: "it doesn't hurt" and "just cooperate." When Boone tries to escape, Nathan tackles him to the ground. Throughout the book, Nathan proves that he has a tendency to lie: Nathan lies about Roddy leaving, he also lies about the cottonmouth in his bed, and he lies about the secret laboratory.