The following is a list of characters from My Hairiest Adventure and its television adaptation in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Larry Boyd

Book and TV episode Larry is the book's twelve-year-old protagonist and narrator. When he and his friends find a bottle of expired Insta-tan during a practice band session, they try it out. The lotion does not work and seems to have some strange side effects, as Larry begins to grow thick, dark hair on his hands, knees, and forehead.
Lily Vonn

(Lily Turnbull in television adaptation)

Book and TV episode Lily is Larry's best friend, and a fellow member of his band, The Geeks. Her two defining characteristics are her two different colored eyes and the gold pirate coin that she wears as a necklace.
Manny Hernandez

Book and TV episode Manny is a member of Larry's band, The Geeks. He is described as tall and skinny, with curly, black hair.

Book and TV episode Jared is another of Larry's band members. Although he is twelve, he looks a lot younger than the rest of his friends.

Book Another member of the Geeks, Kristina wears blue glasses and has carrot-colored hair.
Howie Hurwin

Book At their school's upcoming Battle of the Bands, Larry and the rest of his friends are set to perform against rival band, Howie and the Shouters. Despite only being the drummer, Howie named the band after himself. Larry dislikes Howie for his obnoxious humor.
Marissa Hurwin

Book Marissa is Howie's sister, and the singer for Howie and the Shouters. Larry describes her as stuck up.
Dr. Murkin

Book and TV episode Dr. Murkin is Larry's doctor. Since Larry has a problem with his sweat glands, Larry is administered a shot by Dr. Murkin every two weeks.
Mr and Mrs. Boyd

Book and TV episode Larry's parents.
Miss Shindling

Book Larry's teacher. As he's giving a book report for her class, Larry notices hair growing on his hands, causing him to flee the room.
Mr. Fosburg

Book The principal at Larry's school. When he notices Larry's hairy hands, he believes them to be gloves.

Book and TV episode Larry's yellow-eyed cat. He loves spending time with her. After Dr. Murkin's dog experiment fails, he experiments on cats instead, turning Jasper into a baby.
Coach Rafferty

Book Larry's gym teacher.
Real estate agent

TV episode When Manny doesn't show up for band practice, Larry and Lily decide to look for him at his house. To their surprise, they find it completely empty except for a mysterious man who tells them that the house is now for sale.
Mr. and Mrs. Vonn

(Mr. and Mrs. Turnbull in television adaptation)

Book and TV episode In search of Lily, who also vanishes without a trace, Larry finds a dog that shares her pirate coin and different-colored eyes. To get answers, he visits the Vonns, who tearfully tell Larry that there never was a Lily, and that he should just forget about her.
Unnamed Father and Son

TV episode In the episode, Larry and his band are performing for a child's birthday party instead of the Battle of the Bands. The child's father is upset when Larry arrives late, and the son becomes scared when he notices Larry growing hair.
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