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Mrs. Eakins is the main antagonist of the twenty-second Goosebumps Series 2000 book, Full Moon Fever.


She was well known for being a possibly dangerous woman, rumored to have cast a spell on a neighbor. Robbie and Alesha once kicked a soccer ball into her window and she yelled at them, threatening to call the police. However, when they visited her on Halloween night, she acted nice and gave them candy, including a bar called a Best bar, which the kids assumed was because she didn't recognize them.

The kids soon turned into beasts, which they thought was due to a curse you get from looking at the full moon. It was later revealed that it was the Best bars that did this, and they were actually called Beast bars. When they discovered this, they started to attack her, but Robbie noticed a candy bar she had called a Cure bar and they ate them, assuming they would cure them. However, they soon started to shrink and found out that it was actually a curse bar, meaning they are now cursed forever.

General information

Physical appearance

She has a round, smooth face with big, dark eyes, and long, wavy, white hair tied behind her head with a red ribbon.


She is known to be a grumpy woman who hates kids, and is later shown to be vindictive when she curses Robbie and Alesha.