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Michael F. Tucker and Mrs. Tucker are Grady and Emily's parents. They appear in the fourteenth book in the Goosebumps series, The Werewolf of Fever Swamp, as well as its television adaptation.


Michael Tucker is a scientist who, along with his wife, move their family to Fever Swamp. He is doing an experiment to see how swamp deer from South America can adapt to Florida swamp weather. While they both enjoy the locale, their kids Grady and Emily aren't fond of it. After Grady and Emily have a run in with a weird Swamp Hermit, they try to tell their dad about it, but Mr. Tucker says to pay no mind to the hermit. Grady begins to hear stories about a werewolf in the swamp, but his parents believe it to be nothing but superstition brought on by the swamp fever that Fever Swamp is named after.

Grady soon finds a stray dog named Wolf that he wants to keep, but his parents aren't too fond of the idea but allow him to keep it anyway. Overtime, animals around the area are being killed, including one of the swamp deer. Mr. and Mrs. Tucker blame Wolf and threaten to send the dog off to be killed, but Grady stops it from happening. Grady soon learns that it was his friend Will Blake who was the culprit, as Will was actually a werewolf. After Will is chased off and defeated by Wolf, everything goes back to normal, and Grady is allowed to keep Wolf. However, unbeknownst to the rest of his family, Grady and Wolf go out every night to howl as Grady has now become a werewolf.

General information

Physical appearance

Micheal is a little chunky with wavy, brown hair and dark eyes, while Mrs. Tucker is tall and thin, with long, straight blonde hair.


Mr. and Mrs. Tucker are extremely skeptical people, not willing to believe anything that can't be explained by science. They also are quick to blame Wolf for the local wild life being killed, seemingly having no problem sending the dog off to the pound to be destroyed.



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