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Larry and Lynne Dark are characters in the eighth Goosebumps book, The Girl Who Cried Monster, as well as its television adaptation. They are the parents of Lucy and Randy Dark.


The Girl Who Cried Monster

Mr. and Mrs. Dark lived in Timberland Falls, raising their two children, Lucy and Randy. Lucy would often tell monster stories to Randy to scare him, which would cause the two to have to give Lucy constant lectures. They didn't want Lucy wasting her summer, so they signed her up for a summer reading program called Reading Rangers at the local library.

Lucy soon discovered that the strange librarian, Mr. Mortman, is actually a monster, but due to her constant monster stories, no one believed her. Eventually, Lucy's friend, Aaron Messer, saw Mortman become a monster and told her parents. The two believed him as he is usually truthful and trustworthy. To Lucy's surprise, Mr. and Mrs. Dark invited him to dinner. During the dinner, they turned into monsters and gobbled him up. Mortman was the first monster to appear in the town in years, which is why it took so long for them to believe Lucy. They didn't want anyone to discover that there are monsters in town and chase them away.

Goosebumps HorrorTown

It is only Mrs. Dark that appears in the game, who lives alone, with no explanation as to what happened to Mr. Dark. Lucy and Randy are adults who are currently in college, and she misses them dearly. She cherishes whenever they are able to visit, such as during one Christmas where they got stuck watching a strange video tape starring Susie Snowflake. When she discovered Mr. Mortman, she initially wanted to fight him but they were able to reach an agreement, as they both are just people wanting to live in peace despite being monsters. Thus, they left each other alone.

Later, the town was visited by a woman named Ellie, during Valentine's month. She appeared to be a kindly and nice woman, but Mrs. Dark discovered that she is actually a succubus and had spiked the lake with a love potion to distract everyone while she and her succubus friends cause havoc. However, she didn't mind this as she could relate to having a monstrous side that is hidden to others. Mrs. Dark admitted to Ellie that she has had feelings for her ever since she arrived. Ellie shared these feelings and the two fell in love, going on an epic scare together.

It was believed that they were only in love due to the potion, but when an antidote was given to them, they weren't affected and it was proven that their love was genuine.

General information


The two are described as being nice, loving parents but often gets stern with Lucy due to her monster obsession. They seems to be willingly to do anything to make sure no human knows the family's secret, as shown when the two ate Mr. Mortman alive. In Goosebumps HorrorTown, Mrs. Dark is a loving neighbor to the citizens of HorrorTown, although she still has a dark side that comes out when she is crossed.

Physical appearance

Mr. Dark has a big, booming voice that shakes the entire house when he shouts. He looks very tough, with a broad chest, powerful-looking arms, and thick, black hair. Mrs. Dark has straight shiny black hair, green cat eyes and a feline nose. She often reminds Lucy of a cat ready to pounce when she scolds her.



  • Goosebumps HorrorTown reveals that Mrs. Dark's name is Lynne, which is likely a reference to Lynne Cormack, who played her in the TV episode.
  • In Goosebumps HorrorTown, Ellie is shown to have a romantic attraction to Mrs. Dark and vice versa, making them both LGBT characters.