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Mr. Zarwid is the main antagonist of the twentieth Goosebumps Series 2000 book, Be Afraid — Be Very Afraid!.


He was well known around his neighbor for being a grouchy neighbor, who hates kids. One day he held a garale sale which was visited by Connor Buckley and Emily Zinman. Because of his dislike of children, he accused Connor of wanting to steal from him, which angered him. To retaliate, Connor stole a random item, which turned out to be a card game called Be Afraid. He and his friends started playing it, and discovring it has been cursed to cause the things that happen in the game to happen in real life.

Mr. Zarwid became suspicious and visited Connor, warning him. Eventually Connor started to regret stealing the and attempted to return it. Feeling that an apology isn't enough, he revealed he is a wizard, which his name is an anagram for, and trapped the kids into the world of the game. It turns out this was all a story being read by a kid named Mark, and when he and his sister discover the game, they are sucked into it and meet Connor and friends.

That in turn turns out to be a story being read by a boy named Ross. He returned the book he read to the man he got it from, trading for the Be Afraid game. It is revealed his name is Mr. Wardiz, meaning this is possibly Mr. Zarwid. It is likely Ross also gets sucked into the game, creating a cycle.

General information

Physical appearance

He has wavy white hair parted in the middle, and a white mustache that stands out straight from both sides of his red face. He also has mean blue eyes that always seem to be glaring angrily.


At first he seems to just be a grumpy kid hating man, but it is revealed he is actually a vindictive wizard.