Bill McCall is a character who appears in the thirty-fourth Goosebumps book, Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes, and its accompanying television adaptation. He is the father of Moose McCall.


Bill lives next door to the Burton family and he is obsessed with his garden. He is always competing with Mr. Burton over whose garden is better. He was furious when Mr. Burton won the annual garden show and was determined to ensure that it wouldn't happen again.

When bad things started happening to his garden, he was quick to blame the Burton's dog, Buster is the he is always getting into his garden, but eventually starts blaming Joe Burton. He started to get blamed as well, but he denied it. It got to the point where he forbid his soon Moose from seeing Joe.

He never discovered who was sabotaging his garden, nor is it known how he acted when the mischief stopped once Mr. Burton's lawn gnomes mysterious disappeared one morning.

In the television episode, he is turned into a lawn gnome by Hap after he tries to get rid of them. He ends up being discovered by the judges in the Burton's garden, causing them to be denied the blue ribbon.

General information


Bill is retired from the army, so he's used to giving orders and having them followed. He's very easily angered, especially when bad things happen to his garden. He is constantly arguing with Mr. Burton and making fun of his garden.

The television episode has him embracing his army past more, as he acts military-like when he orders Joe to fix up his garden. He also acts more abrasive in general, such as when he takes Joe's baseball when it lands in his yard.

Physical appearance

Mr. McCall is only described as being "big", to the point where he makes his son "look like a shrimp".


  • David Hemblen, who portrayed Major McCall, was also the voice actor for Magneto in the 90s X-Men animated series, another series that aired on the Fox Kids block.


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