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Morgred is a character in the twenty-seventh Goosebumps book A Night in Terror Tower, as well as its accompanying television adaptation. He is also mentioned in the second Give Yourself Goosebumps Special Edition book, Return to Terror Tower.


Centuries ago, Morgred was the personal sorcerer of the royal family in the kingdom of Britannia. After the king's brother murdered the king and queen and usurped the throne, he had his niece and nephew, Susannah and Edward locked in a room atop Terror Tower, with the intention of executing the two of them. Before they were to be executed by The Lord High Executioner, Morgred cast a spell to have Edward and Susannah travel in time, as well as erase their memories. However, The Lord High Executioner also found a way to travel through time to find Sue and Eddie, intending on finishing his job. As Sue and Eddie dealt with the executioner, they managed to travel back to medieval times, only to wind up captured once more.

After reuniting with Morgred, he tries to cast the spell once more, but it no longer works. Sue and Eddie try to run, but Morgred freezes them in place as the executioner arrives. But before the executioner can finish the kids off, Eddie uses the magic stones he stole from the executioner to return back to the present. As the kids are about to leave the tower, they're greeted by Morgred, who traveled to the present with them. He changes his name to "Mr. Morgan" and becomes Sue and Eddie's adopted father. In Return to Terror Tower, it is revealed that he later became a university history professor.

General information


Morgred appears to be a rather kind man who cared about the royal family, particularly Edward and Susannah. However, he also comes off as easily nervous and is quick to give up on himself if he fails, to the point that he leaves Sue and Eddie for dead after his spell doesn't work.

Physical appearance

Morgred is described as having long white hair and a long white beard that ends in a point. He wears a purple robe that matches his purple eyes.


  • Morgred's actor, Diego Matamoros, provided the voice of the shadowy figure in "The Ghost Next Door".
    • Matamoros also provided the voice of William Birkin in the English dub of the original Resident Evil 2.
  • Morgred's description in the book bears a similar resemblance to that of the wizard Merlin.