The following is a list of characters from More & More Tales to Give You Goosebumps in the order they are mentioned or appear. This page is broken into sections, with each section being a list for an individual story.

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The Haunted Guitar

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Character Description

A boy who is so lazy that he once tried to mow the lawn using a vacuum cleaner. He very often tries to figure out the easiest way to do things, but refuses to agree that he is lazy.

Beth is a good friend of Jeffrey. She constantly tells Jeffrey to stop being so lazy, and is clearly more sensible than him.
Jeffrey's parents

Not much information is given about them, except for the fact that Jeffrey's dad wants him to learn how to play the guitar.
Memphis Willy

A ghost who used to play the guitar. His guitar, the one Jeffrey stole from a burned music store, is called Gertie. Willy proposes Jeffrey that he could be Willy's "living partner." He is African-American.

Tune in Tomorrow

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Character Description
Elizabeth Stephens

Elizabeth is a twelve-year old girl who loves to watch soap operas on the TV.

Elizabeth's best friend.
Elizabeth Stephens's family

  • Mr. Stephens
  • Mrs. Stephens
  • Baron

Elizabeth's immediate family, along with their dog, Baron, moved from Philadelphia to Westgate. Elizabeth's father is the Chief of Police of Westgate.

An old friend of Elizabeth, back in Philadelphia. They used to share a hamster, Lucky, but six months after the Stephens moved away, Lucky ran away and died.
Tune in Tomorrow cast

  • Elinor
  • Elinor's mother
  • Unnamed creepy neighbor

The characters in a TV show Elizabeth watches called Tune in Tomorrow. Elinor is a twelve-year old girl, just like Elizabeth, who also lives in a boring little town.
Joe Trent

Elizabeth's neighbor, who brings her a letter, written by Elizabeth's friend Mary, that was mistakenly delivered to the next door.
Kathy Morrison

Mary mentions this girl in the letter she wrote. No information is given about her.

They are the people that help Elizabeth's mother at the hospital, after she is hit in the head by a tree limb.
Cable Operator

Elizabeth contacts him in order to get information about the Channel Six, in which she watches the TV show.
Unnamed narrator

An unnamed person who is watching a show called "Life with Elizabeth", staring Elizabeth herself, who turns out to be just a TV character.

A girl who also watches the same show as the narrator.

Live Bait

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Character Description

The narrator and the protagonist of this story. His parents seems to be obcessed with fishing, even though Timmy hates fish.
Timmy's parents

Timmy's dad loves catching fish for his family to eat. They never actually appear in the story, being only mentioned by the protagonist at the beggining.

Duke is the only kid Timmy can hang out with at Lake Bigelow, which is where Timmy and his family spend summer vacations. He is a big kid who is always challenging Timmy to do things he doesn't want to, only to tease Timmy if he reclines.

They rent boats at the beach.
Old man

He gives a boat to Duke and Timmy for free, if they gave him the biggest fish they caught.

Something Strange About Marci

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Character Description

Marci is studying them in their natural habitat. They usually play silly games and mess around, bouncing from tree to tree.
Dr. Marci Gould

She has been studying orangutans for ten days. The narrator of the story, who was an orangutan, thought that Marci was evil, due to the fact that she never talked to them.

The Ghost Sitter

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Character Description

Ray is a kid whose family moves to Beech Street, in which there is a house that is supposedly haunted. Ray is usually nervous and upset.
Ray's parents

They love to buy old houses and then repair them, which causes the whole family to be always moving away.

Ray's older brother. His age is never determined in the story. Mike is a lot braver than Ray, and he protects his brother when Ray needs to.
Ray's friends

They warn Ray about the haunted house on his street.
Mr. and Mrs. Hodge

This sweet, old couple lives in the house next to Ray's, which makes Ray think that maybe they're actually ghosts. They own a pet pig named Walter.

Fun With Spelling

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Character Description

Kari is the protagonist and narrator of this story. She is a clumsy sixth-grader who has a lot of different hobbies, like painting or stamp-collecting. She has curly brown hair, and lots of freckles.
Aunt Vera

She is the sister of Kari's mother; she's a supersticious woman who wears the strangest clothes and talks about the strangest things, like spells and curses.

Kari's eight-year-old sister. Like her sister, Kari has curly brown hair, only that she wears it short. Most people say Libby looks like a little doll. In spite of all this, Libby is described by her sister as not being what she seems. Kari describes her as being a nosy little girl, as she is often seen messing with other people's stuff.

A friend of Kari. Not much info is given about him.
Lisa McFly

A girl from Kari's class. Kari states that she's the meanest girl in the entire sixth-grade. She likes to spread fake rumours and say bad things about other people. She is the kind of kid who has the best grades and never forgets to do her homework.
Timmy Wardell

A kid no one likes, according to Kari. He never actually appears, being only mentioned by the protagonist.
Mr. Pratt

Kari's Math teacher.
Mike Shea

Another kid from Kari's school.

Matt's Lunch Box

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Character Description
Matt Green

The protagonist and narrator of this story. Matt is on the baseball team at school.
Mrs. Green

Matt's mom. She is constantly forcing him to eat, due to the fact that he's too skinny.
Todd Fisher

A kid from the baseball team.
Lunchbox monsters

Three monsters who came out of the lunchbox Mrs. Green bought for her son. They are always hungry, and they keep stealing Matt's food, causing him to starve until he is very weak.
Coach Goldberg

Mr. Goldberg is Matt's baseball coach.
Unnamed lady

She buys the haunted lunchbox after Matt puts it on one of the tables of an garage sale.
Matt's neighbor

He is the cashier of the garage sale.
Uncle Murray

The brother of Matt's mom. He brings Matt a cursed thermos after the nightmare Matt went through.
Thermos monster

A monster that lives in the thermos Uncle Murray bought to Matt. Unlike the monsters who are always hungry, this monster appears to be always thirsty.

Stuck in 1957

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Character Description
Shanna Smith

A seventh-grader who loves her auburn hair. She pretty much cares about her appearance.

They work at Chic Cuts, which is where Shanna got her new haircut.
The Smiths

  • David Smith
  • Mr. Smith
  • Mrs. Smith
  • Aunt Gigi

Shanna's family. They are moving to Westwood. David, Shanna's nine-year-old brother, is always trying to make fun of her sister.
Shanna's 1957 family

  • Mrs. Smith
  • Davy Smith
  • Mr. Smith

Shanna's "new" mom is a woman who is said to be Shanna's mother when she travels in time. She has short, blonde hair. Davy is her 1957 nine-year-old brother.

She is a girl from 1957, who is in Shanna's class. She has strawberry-blonde hair.
Ms. Huntley

Shanna's teacher from the fifties.
Mr. Bolton

A science teacher who is described by Jan as being cute.

A boy who knows about time traveling, as he has a helmet that allows people to go to the future. Shanna describes him as having really big teeth.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

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Character Description
Bonnie Sue Bowers

A really pretentious girl who spends hours gazing at the mirror, just admiring herself. According to herself, she is the prettiest girl in the whole city. She has thick, wavy, blonde hair and big, blue eyes.
Ricky Bowers

Bonnie's eight-year-old brother. He has greasy brown hair, and he loves wrestling with his friends; he doesn't care if he gets dirty.
Bonnie's mother

She helps Bonnie Sue getting rid of the reflections.
Bonnie's reflections

The reflections, which are totally identical to Bonnie Sue, somehow manage to get out of the mirror and they trap Bonnie inside it, making her a reflection now.

What's Cooking?

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Character Description

A sixth-grader whose imagination is incredible, which really bothers him, causing him to promise he would never be imaginative again. He has short blonde hair and blue eyes.
Susan Chopman

A cafeteria cook from Mill Road School, back in 1947. No one liked her food, since some kids stated they found parts of human fingers in her "Chinese Meat Surprise." This drove Ms. Chopman crazy, and she began to scream and attack kids with her cleaver. The children started to call her Chop Suey. Some days later, she died as she fell on her cleaver while gardening.

Robert's cousin and neighbor. Thinking that the story of Susan Chopman was a joke, she summons the ghost of the cafeteria lady by saying her name three times while standing on tiptoe.

Diana mentions his friend Kevin, during lunchtime.

He/she teaches at Mill Road School.

He is working at the school, fixing the cafeteria faucets.
Robert's parents

Robert's mom only appears in the end, and his dad is only mentioned. Robert's dad is apparently a chop suey lover.
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