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More & More Tales to Give You Goosebumps is the fifth book in the Tales to Give You Goosebumps series. It was published in 1997, and originally came bundled with a Goosebumps themed hat.



Will Aunt Vera's book of magic spells spell scary trouble for Kari? Is Jeffrey a musical genius or is the old guitar he stole really haunted? Are Mike and his brother Ray house-sitting for a monstrous ghost? Find out in these ten creepy Goosebumps short stories guaranteed to give you a major case of the 'Bumps!

Featured stories

  • "The Haunted Guitar" - A lazy boy named Jeffery obtains a guitar that was owned by a deceased old blues musician named Memphis Willy.
  • "Tune in Tomorrow" - A girl named Elizabeth is obsessed with a soap opera called Looking for Tomorrow. But what happens when things begin to get a little too real?
  • "Live Bait" - Two boys vacationing at a lake end up involved in catching a large fish.
  • "Something Strange About Marci" - An unseen narrator investigates a strange girl named Marci who seems to be following them and their friends.
  • "The Ghost Sitter" - Two boys learn about a ghost that haunts the house next door to them.
  • "Fun With Spelling" - A girl tries to get revenge on a mean classmate using a book of spells given to her by her aunt.
  • "Matt's Lunch Box" - A boy receives a new lunch box that contains strange inhabitants that want to be fed.
  • "Stuck in 1957" - A girl puts on some glasses that transport her to 1957.
  • "Mirror Mirror on the Wall" - A beautiful girl named Bonnie discovers that the reflection in her mirror is alive.
  • "What's Cooking?" - Two kids learn the legend of a lunch lady called Chop Suey and accidentally summon her ghost.


The story "Fun With Spelling" was ghostwritten by author Carolyn Crimi, an author who also ghostwrote two books in the Ghosts of Fear Street series.[1] It is currently unknown if any other stories from this book were ghostwritten.

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