The following is a list of characters from More & More Tales to Give You Goosebumps in the order they appear. This page is broken into sections, with each section being a list for an individual story.

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Don't Sit on the Gronk

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Character Description

The protagonist. He has a bad habbit of not reading intstructions, which backfires on him after he gets a mysterious creature as a Christmas gift.

Brad's fifteen year old sister. She calls him a moron for not reading the instructions to his walkman, and later reads the instructions on The Gronk.
Brad's parents

They scold Brad for never taking the time to read instructions. They allow Brad to keep the strange creature he got.
The Gronk

A small creature that looks like a kooshball, that Brad gets in a mysterious present. It starts to grow the more he plays with it.

Brad's best friend. He has a pet hamster that he thinks is incredible.

Nutcracker Nightmare

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Character Description

The protagonist. She is forced to attend a performance of The Nutcracker, as her family has been invited by her old babysitter. She whines about how boring it will be but finds it to even slower than she imagined. She hates being called by her full name, Samantha.
Sam's parents

They take her to the show and scold for whining about it. Dad is a college art professer, and is big on culture.
Mrs. Boren

Sam's old babysitter, who invites her to the show. She calls her Mrs. Boring due to not doing anything she considers to be fun. She seems to be able to have the power to manipulate time. She is tall and chunky, with short black hair.
Hairdo Woman

A woman with large hair which prevents Sam from being able to see anything. She scowls at her when Sam accidentally kicks her seat.

The Ice Vampire

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Character Description
Sam Weaver and Billy Liff

Two boys who build an ice sculpture of a cobra and enter it in a competition, only to lose.
Ice Cobra

An ice culture of a cobra created by Billy and Sam. It loses the competition and comes to life after the ice vampire is defeated.
Ice Vampire

An ice sculture of a vampire, created by an unseen person named Bram Stokeman. It comes to life and feeds off warmth instead of blood.
Michelle Alhburg

A girl from school, who wants to see the winning sculture, only for it to vanish.
Rebecca Phillips

Sam's next door neighbor. She is presumably turned to ice by the vampire and her frozen self is found where the vampire once stood.

Sam's older sister. She always leaves her beauty products in the kitchen. Her hairdrier is used to defeat the vampire.

A Holly Jolly Holiday

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Character Description
The Krusher

A wrestler that Beth is a big fan of. The story ends with Beth getting a tape of him from The Christmas Shoppe, implying she will start acting like him.

Beth's older sister. She loves the special "Holly Jolly Holiday", and gets a special tape of it from The Christmas Shoppe.

The protagonist. She loves wrestling and hates the Holly Jolly Holiday special due to sickeningly sweet it is. Soon she finds her family turning into the heroine of the special.

The family dog. He begins transforming into Susie along with everyone else.
Old Lady

A woman who runs the Christmas Shoppe that sells Jody the tape. She is only mentioned, but it is implied all the tapes sold turn people who watch them into the lead character.
Susie Snowflake

The heroine of the "Holly Jolly Holiday" special. She goes around spreading cheer to everyone. Soon, anyone who watches the tape starts acting and looking like her.
Beth's parents

Dad does most of the cooking, which is why Beth finds it odd when Mom starts baking cookies after watching the tape. The only thing Mom makes is toast, which she burns half the time.

Why I Hate Jack Frost

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Character Description

The protagonist. He moves to Arizona after having lived in a colder climate. Sick of the heat, he buys a Christmas ornament to remind of the cold but finds himself having strange dreams and starts feeling cold during the day.
Jared's parents

Mom tries to get Jared to feel better about spending Christmas in Arizona. Dad is only mentioned.
Old Man

A man who sells Jared the ornament. He tells him that having it is the next best thing to having cold weather.
Jack Frost

An elf who Jared dreams about living with, and has fun with. It is revealed that this was actually all real, and Jared only dreamed about living with his mother in Arizona.

A snowman brought to life by Jack's magic.

Jared's friend. He invites him to go for a bike ride, but Jared declines.

Marshmallow Surprise

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Character Description
Marsha Zane

The protagonist. She crashes into Mrs. Spooner's mailbox and wishes to apologize for it, before being invited over to her house.
Ricky and Ronnie Zane

Marsha's nine and eight year old brothers. They like to play tricks on Mrs. Spooner
Mrs. Spooner

A grumpy old woman that calls on kids who tread on her yard. She invites the kids over for hot chocolate but it turns out to carry a nasty surprise.

Monster on the Ice

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Character Description

The protagonist. He receives a pair of "Monster Skates" which turns him into an actual monster, making him act more aggressive when playing hockey.

Max's little sister. She is always snooping around in Max's room, wanting to dress up their dog

Max's dog. Jessica often tries to dress him up. After Max stores away the monster skates, Jessica puts them on him, turning him into a monster as well.
Mitch Bowen and Steve Bell

Max's best friends, who are on the hockey team with him. Max starts roughing Steve up after the skates make him aggressive
Max's parents.

Mom tells Jessica she can't go outside with Max and that Max has to be home by four.
Pete Stanton

Another one of Max's friends from the hockey team.

The Double-Dip Horror

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Character Description
Winona and Rachael

Twin sisters, the former serving as the narrator, who are at the Ice Cream Cone Ski Lodge to be ski instructors for little kids. Because no one has seen either sister, they pretend to be each-other so the other can have fun on their own.
Bobby Judd

A boy who annoys the sisters during their classes. They challenge him to a race, planning to mess with him, but discover he has a dark secret.

The head of the ski school. She tells them the truth behind Bobby Judd.

One of the kids the girls are teaching. She has trouble but is trying really hard.
Ricky Judd

Bobby's twin brother, who was a young daredevil, just like him.

Santa's Helpers

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Character Description
Spenser and Beth Mayhew

The protagonists. They delight in making fun of their little sister for how different she is from them. Their red and green snowsuits get them mistaken for elves.
Diana Mayhew

Spenser and Beth's six year old sister. She has black hair, unlike her siblings. As a result, they joke that she isn't their sister.
Mrs. Mayhew

Spenser, Beth, and Diana's mother. She buys them cheap snowsuits and order Spenser and Beth to take Diana sledding with them.

Spenser and Beth's friend. He teases them for looking like elves in their red and green snowsuits.

Four short men who kidnap the kids and take them to Santa Claus
Santa Claus

He mistakes Spenser and Beth for elves who escaped the workshop and wants to punish them by making them do eighteen hour shifts for the next two years.

Attack of the Christmas Present

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Character Description
Uncle Bily

Jack's Uncle. He travels all around the world, collecting strange objects. He gives Doug a robot toy for Christmas, which he gives to Jack.

Jack's fourteen year old brother. He does most things slowly and carefully.

The protagonist. He gets a spooky wooden mask for Christmas, which he trades for a robot toy called Robot Tag.
Jack's mother

She tells Jack to be patient when opening his presents.
Robot Tag

A robot toy given to Doug by Uncle Billy, which starts chasing after them.
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