Michael "Moose" McCall is a character in the thirty-fourth Goosebumps book, Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes


Joe Burton's loud, often bad mannered, best friend, Moose is the son of Mr. McCall, an unfriendly neighbor, and rival to Joe's father. The two men are in a constant, heated rivalry over whose garden looks the best. And with the annual garden show on the horizon, they are each determined to win first place.

When Joe's father brings home two garden gnomes to add to his already huge amount of lawn ornaments, strange things begin to happen. Mr. McCall's garden is being vandalized, and the primary suspect is Joe. However, Joe denies the accusations, saying the gnomes are to blame. Of course, nobody seems to believes him.

One night, Joe sneaks out of the house and convinces Moose to spy on the gnomes with him, hoping to set a trap. The two spend hours waiting, until eventually, the gnomes come to life and begin causing mayhem in the garden. Shocked at what they see, their noise ends up alerting the gnomes, who begin persuing Moose and Joe. They make a run for the house until running into Mindy, Joe's sister. The gnomes seize Mindy, carrying her away, but the boys are able to catch up with them. The gnomes explain that they are actually mischief elves and that everything they've done to the garden is simply part of their nature. The gnomes convince Joe, Moose, and Mindy to follow them to Lawn Lovely, where they say other gnomes are being held in the basement, because if they do, they will stop their mischief for good.

However, this ends up being a trick. The three find dozens of other gnomes waiting for them, all ready to attack. However, Joe manages to put an end to their mayhem by blowing a dog whistle, which causes them to freeze out of fear. Walking out of Lawn Lovely, Moose is thrilled that they escaped and survived their situation.

General information


Moose is loud, and often doesn't know his own strength, especially when playing with Joe. Together, the two love to pull pranks on Mindy, much to her annoyance. It is shown that sometimes Moose even gets on Joe's nerves, and Mindy dislikes him for being 'a slob'. Despite this, he is a good friend to Joe and proves very helpful in his goal of proving that he is innocent.

Physical appearance 

Moose is described as having dark brown hair, and being very large. Joe describes him as having legs 'as thick as tree trunks. He seems to share this in common with his Dad, who Joe describes as even larger than Moose.


  • Moose is omitted from the television adaptation of Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes, leaving Mindy as the one who spies on the gnomes with Joe.
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