The following is a list of characters from Monsters at Midnight in the order they appear.


Character Medium Description
Mia Ferreiro

Issues #1-3 The protagonist. After breaking her leg, she is unable to go to camp with her team. She is copped up at the her grandmother's for the summer, until ending up on an adventure with Ginny.

Issues #1-2 Mia and Ginny's grandmother. An evil version of her is shown to the girls while in a funeral parolor in Horrorland.
Ginny Ferreiro

Issues #1-3 Mia's little sister. She tends to annoy Mia with how excitable she can be. She leaves a book at home, and wants to go into a creepy bookstore to see if it has it.
Barbara Soditch

Issues 1-3 The creepy woman who runs Cursed Editions. She was brought to HorrorLand as a child by Slappy and she is used to lure new kids in.

Issues #1-3 A little Horror that is looked down upon for being small and not as scary as the other monsters. She eventually forms a friendship with Ginny.
Slappy the Dummy

Issues #1-3 A living ventriloquist dummy who seems to run Horrorland, and takes the kids on a scary adventure through the park.
Curly the Skeleton

Issues #1-3 A living skeleton that works with Slappy.

Issues #1-3 Various monsters, including a werewolf and a witch, that join Slappy in the "midnight march"
Mia and Ginny's mothers

Issues #2 and 3 Evil versions of them are shown to Mia in the House of Mirrors to scold her for being a bad sister. The real versions appear briefly at the end, driving the kids home.
Sea Monsters

Issue #2 A group of creatures in the river of the Coffin Cruise that attack the group. They apparently don't come to Irk's parties.
Monster Blood

Issue #3 A green slime with a mind of its own and a hunger for everything, and everyone, in sight. Slappy uses Monster Blood to turn Irk into a giant monster.
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