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Monsters at Midnight is the first arc in the horror anthology comic series Goosebumps. It was published by IDW between October and December 2017.[1]


The kid-friendly horror series that defined a decade returns to comics! Readers beware, you're in for a scare! Brave the spine-tingling world of R.L. Stine to uncover the thrills and chills of the first ever Goosebumps comic series to feature original stories! Kicking things off is a new creepy carousel spin on HorrorLand! When Mia and Ginny go to stay at their Grandma's mothball-filled house for the summer, boredom forces them to venture out into her tiny town. But, soon, what appears to be a dusty used bookstore plunges them into an upside-down world of terror!


Issue #1

Issue #2

Issue #3



  • Because Mia and Ginny's parents are a lesbian couple, this marks the very first instance of LGBT tropes in Goosebumps media.
  • One of the books on the shelves in Cursed Editions is the Necronomicon, as depicted in the Evil Dead films.
  • Curly's appearance in this comic arc marks his first actual appearance in a Goosebumps story, as he usually appeared in covers and merchandise in the past.
  • One of the gravestone's in one scene reads "Scaremy Lambert", a reference to the comic's writer, Jeremy Lambert. Additionally, one of the other names is Chase Martoz, an editor for IDW, the comic's publisher.

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