"Monster on the Ice" is the seventh short story in More & More & More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


Max's younger sister, Jessica, tries to steal clothes from Max's closet so she can dress up their dog. Max is upset by this, and he kicks Jessica out of his room. Jessica says that Max should be nice, or else he won't get presents from Santa Claus.

The story jumps ahead to Christmas day, and Max has just received a pair of Monster Skates as a gift. Max calls some friends, and they all meet up at a frozen pond for a game of hockey. Max begins playing in a way that's incredibly aggressive. He attacks one of his friends and starts growling. Max steps off the ice and notices that he has fur on his hands. Max takes off the skates and sees his now monstrous feet. Max takes several deep breaths, and he returns to normal. Max runs home, drops off the skates, and hurries back to his friends. Max apologizes and trudges home.

Max can hear monstrous sounds coming from inside of his house before he even enters. He rushes inside, and he asks if Jessica put on his skates. When she says she hasn't, Max lets out a relieved sigh. However, Jessica reveals that she put the skates on their dog. Suddenly, a monstrous dog jumps out at Max.


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