The following is a list of characters from Monster Blood for Breakfast! in order of appearance.


Character Medium Description
Matt Daniels

Book An intelligent athlete who has to deal with an annoying neighbor. He gets Monster Blood and after an accident, he starts to grow.
Livvy Daniels

Book Matt's 8 year old sister who also has to deal with Bradley. They tend to get along due to having a common enemy in Bradley.
Bradley Wormser

Book An annoying neighbor that is always bothering and pranking Matt and Livvy, while also constantly getting Matt in trouble. He orders Monster Blood off a website, planning to eat some.
Mrs. Daniels

Book Matt's mother. She is friends with Bradley's mother, so she forces Matt and Bardley to hang out often.
Mr. Scotto

Book Matt's math and science teacher, as well as a former astronaut.
Mr. Daniels

Book Matt's father. He is only mentioned.
Kenny Waters and Deane

Book Two of Matt's friends. They are on the swim team with him.
Monster Blood

Book A green substance that comes in an egg, which Bradley ordered on the internet. It starts to grow and can make people grow, as well as plants.
Mrs. Grant

Book The school principal. She's a frail woman who wears gray skirts and sweaters.
Coach Widdoes

Book Matt's swim coach. The kids call him wolf due to his spiky black hair and hairy arms.
Spider Tattoo and Ring Fingers

Book Two men in black who Matt at first think want to get the Monster Blood from him, but actually have come for a can of Gas Attack that Bradley ordered. Their real names are known but Matt calls them Spider Tattoo and Ring Fingers as those are their distinguishing traits.

Book A girl who briefly appears in the girl's locker room, to get her backpack that she left in there.
Police Officers

Book Three cops who arrive at Bradley's house after Matt accidentally activates the burglar alarm.
Shawn Deere

Book A brainy girl Matt likes that builds a waterfall that flows up for the science fair.

Enter HorrorLand

Character Medium Description
Billy Deep

Book One of the Very Special Guest's invited to HorrorLand.
Sheena Deep

Book Billy's sister. A strange mirror turns her invisible.
Clem and Benson

Book Two members of the Monster Police. They pester Matt about having a card he's not supposed to have.

Book The Horror that gave Matt the card who seems to want to help the kids
Britney Crosby and Molly Molloy

Book Two girls who vanished and are seen riding a flaming carousel
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