The following is a list of characters from Monster Blood III in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Description
Evan Ross

Evan is the protagonist of the book. In this story, he has to constantly deal with his nerdy cousin Kermit, who continues to get Evan in trouble. After accidentally eating Monster Blood, Evan grows into a giant.

Trigger is Evan's pet cocker spaniel.
Conan Barber

Conan is the local bully. He particularly enjoys picking on Evan.
Kermit Majors

Kermit is Evan's eight year old cousin. He is a skinny, pale kid with black eyes and red-rimmed glasses. He's a scientific genius, often creating different formulas and having Evan be his guinea pig. However, he also tends to enjoy getting Evan into trouble, particularly with Conan Barber.

Andy is Evan's best friend. After seeing how much trouble Kermit keeps getting Evan into, she suggests that Evan use the Monster Blood on Kermit.

Dogface is Kermit's pet sheepdog. He is large and easily excitable.
Mrs. McGrady

Evan and Andy's math teacher.
Dee Majors

Kermit's mother and Evan's aunt. She seems to be oblivious to Kermit's bad behavior and is quick to blame Evan for Kermit's messes.
Billy Denver and Brian Johnson

Two of Evan and Andy's friends at school who giant Evan plays baseball with.
Local Police and Firefighters

After saving Conan from atop a tree, the town's police and fire department mistake the now giant Evan for an alien and chase after him.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross

The parents of Evan.
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