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The following is a list of characters from Monster Blood II in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Description
Evan Ross

Evan Ross serves the role of protagonist once again. Having recently moved to Atlanta, Evan has a hard time getting adjusted or making friends and particularly has issues with his teacher, Mr. Murphy, as well as the school bully, Conan Barber.

Trigger is Evan's pet Cocker Spaniel.
Mr. Murphy

Mr. Murphy is Evan's science teacher, as well as the school basketball coach. He is a rather large man with black eyes and a pink head. He is a rather serious man who doesn't believe Evan's story about Monster Blood.

Cuddles is the pet hamster of Mr. Murphy's class. Evan has a disdain for Cuddles, at one point dreaming about throwing the hamster out the window. In an attempt to help Evan get revenge on Mr. Murphy, Andy feeds Cuddles Monster Blood which causes the hamster to grow gigantic and attack the school.
Conan Barber

Conan is a bully in Evan's school. He particularly loves to pick on Evan and get him in more trouble with Mr. Murphy.
Bree Douglas

Bree is one of Evan's classmates.

Andy is Evan's best friend. She ends up living in Atlanta with her aunt and uncle. She brings with her the can of Monster Blood, which is later used to create a giant Cuddles.
Monster Blood

A powerful green slime that can cause whoever ingests it to grow gigantic. It can also be sentient, often trying to swallow anything in its path. Both Cuddles and Evan ingest it and become giant. However, it turns out this Monster Blood has an expiration date.
Mr. Ross

Mr. Ross is Evan's father. He is a sculptor, and enjoys sculpting things like a giant leaf and a giant wheel, which Evan later tries to use to stop Cuddles.
Biggie Malick

One of Conan's friends. Much like Conan, he also enjoys tormenting Evan.
Mr. and Mrs. Barber

Conan's mother and father. Mrs. Barber tends to baby Conan, often giving him lots of desserts. Mr. Barber, unlike Mrs. Barber, is far more stern with his son, wanting to make sure he did his homework.

A mailman that Trigger chases after.
Mrs. Ross

Evan's mother.