The following is a list of characters from Monster Blood and its television adaptation in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Evan Ross

Book and TV episode Evan is forced to stay with his great-aunt Kathryn after his parents leave in search of a new home in Atlanta. His time spent there takes a turn for the strange when he purchases a can of Monster Blood in an old toy store. The green slime seems like harmless fun at first, until it starts to grow bigger and bigger by the day.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross

Book and TV episode Evan's parents. They drop him off at his great-aunt Kathryn's despite his many protests.

Book and TV episode Evan's great-aunt. She is an eccentric, deaf old woman with one big secret.

Book and TV episode Evan's pet cocker spaniel, who stays with him during his two-week stay at Kathryn's. He grows to enormous size when he eats a sample of Monster Blood.

Book and TV episode Kathryn's pet cat, which she describes as 'evil'. It is later revealed Sarabeth is a human witch in disguise, responsible for the loss of Kathryn's hearing. She cast a spell on the Monster Blood that caused it to grow.

Book and TV episode A neighbor of Kathryn's. She and Evan become fast friends.
Store owner

Book Bored, Evan and Andy decide to check out an old toy store named Wagner's Novelties & Sundries, run by a bald-headed old man. He is reluctant to sell Evan the Monster Blood, as he deems it 'too old', but he eventually gives in.
Monster Blood

Book and TV episode A can of green slime Evan and Andy find in Wagner's Novelties & Sundries. It begins to grow larger each day, as if it's taking on a mind of its own. Soon, the Monster Blood develops a hunger for everything, and everyone, in sight.
Rick and Tony Beymer

Book Neighborhood bullies, Rick and Tony Beymer are twin brothers who love causing chaos. They tease and attack Evan and Andy, before eventually being swallowed by the Monster Blood.
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