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Mitra Salar is the main protagonist of Download and Die!, the second arc of the comic series Goosebumps.


On the first day of school, she and her best friend Kyra met a girl named Flips, who Kyra quickly got along with. This made her jealous, and it grew as they started to hang out without Mitra. She received a mysterious phone in the mail that started to make Mitra think her friends were out to get her. It had various apps and games on it that made creepy things happen, such as hurting her brother Mehrdad and making some bullies sick.

The phone made her turn against her friends, and caused her to think that her friends just wanted the phone for themselves. It got to the point where she accidentally caused them both to fall off a ledge, before they were saved by Weather, a girl Mitra liked. At the same time, they were being stalked by Slappy the Dummy, who wanted the phone to himself so he can use it for his evil purposes. It had also turned out that the bullies were lizard people who created one of the apps she was using and wanted to use the phone as well.

The phone had also created an evil clone of Mitra, who wanted to smash the phone while holding it so she can be the only Mitra. With the help of her friends, she was able to destroy the phone and defeat Slappy. Upon arriving home, she and Mehrdad discovered Keith, a mysterious boy she met at the hospital, residing in her room. He revealed that he was the one who sent the phone, and that she has to "take care" of him if she wants her parents to stay alive.

General information


While she gets along very well with her friend Kyra, she was prone to jealousy, which the phone only made worse. She is also shown to be shy and bashful around those she likes, such as with Weather.


  • Mitra is shown to have a romantic attraction to Weather; because of this, Mitra is one of the few LGBT characters to appear in Goosebumps media.
  • While her last name was not mentioned in the story, it was confirmed by the comic's writer, Jen Vaughn. [1]