Mitchell Moinian is the main protagonist of the twenty-first Goosebumps Series 2000 book, The Haunted Car.


Mitchell is a young boy who is really into cars and he has shelves of model cars and his walls are covered with posters with one even signed by Mario Andretti. Mitchell has become a legend at his school as he has the strongest knowledge of cars than any of his schoolmates. He and his friends, Allen and Steve also have a contest to see who can be the first to identify the car coming while standing on the corner and Mitchell always won as he can always identify the cars even with his eyes closed. But that never prepared Mitchell for any surprises that are usually made by his younger brother, Todd who always scares himself which annoys Mitchell greatly.

One day, their father, who is a so-called "handyman" had the family uprooted by his job, moving them from Toledo to a place called Forrest Valley into a house on Hunter Hill that is very old and run-down. Todd is convinced that the old house is haunted, but Mitchell didn't think so as to him there were no such thing as ghosts, until his experience with The Haunted Car.

General information

Physical appearance

Mitchell is twelve years old, Caucasian, tall, thin and dark with brown eyes and brown hair.


Mitchell has always been a real car fanatic. He thought they were so cool and he always knew every model of them. He is considered a legend at his school because of his strong knowledge about cars. And he can always identify the cars that come by even with his eyes closed. And when he slept at night, he would always dream that he is driving cars. But Mitchell was hardly down to earth due to his obsession and he does tend to annoy his parents about his nonstop talk about cars. He also gets exaggerated at times and he tries to be very careful not to get on his father's bad side and he most annoyed with Todd for scaring himself all the time. But Mitchell knows that his family still care for him and he and Todd do have their agreements. Mitchell can also be quite thoughtful and sympathetic, especially when he learned about Marissa's past and he has become good friends with her. And after his ordeal with The Haunted Car, he has lost interest in cars and is presumably looking for other things to be interested in.

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