Millville is a location featured in the seventeenth Goosebumps book, Why I'm Afraid of Bees.


Throughout the entirety of Why I'm Afraid of Bees, Millviille is actually only mentioned by name one time. During a scene in which Gary Lutz is at his computer, his screen name and location are addressed. Readers can deduce that the town is located somewhere in the United States; one of the town's businesses has a phone number with a country calling code of 1, and a character references the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

As suggested by its name, Millville would have to be a city, town, or village, but the book never specifies which, making it difficult to gauge the location's population size.

One resident, Mr. Andretti, is a beekeeper. As a result, bees can often be found in that area of the neighborhood.


Below is a list of people who live in, work in, or frequent Millville:

  • The Lutz family
    • This includes Gary, Krissy (Gary's sister), Ken (Gary's father), and Gary's mother. Additionally, the family has a pet cat named Claus.
  • Mr. Andretti
  • Gail
  • Louie
  • Local bullies Marv, Barry, Karl
  • Judy Donner
  • Kaitlyn Davis
  • Ms. Karmen
  • Dirk Davis


Person-to-Person Vacations
A small, gray building located on 113 Roach Street, Suite 2-B. The company's building is identifiable by a small sign on the front, and they can be contacted via their phone number, 1-800-555-SWAP. They own a machine capable of swapping minds, and they offer people vacations from their own bodies. The only worker introduced is Ms. Karmen, but it's suggested that there are others.
Residential area
A large portion of the story is set in the neighborhood where Gary Lutz lives. Below are the houses explicitly mentioned in the story:
  • The Lutzs' house is a two story house with an oak tree outside.
  • Mr. Andretti's house is next to the Lutzs' house. In the backyard, Andretti keeps beehives in a screened-in area.
  • The Davises' house is where Dirk lives. It's said to be on Eastwood Avenue and not too far from Gary's own house.
Even when school isn't in session, it's a popular hangout spot for local kids, as it has a playground and softball diamond.


  • While it's unclear if Millville is named after a real location, there are numerous real places in the United States that share its name.
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