Middletown is a town featured in the fifty-seventh Goosebumps book, My Best Friend Is Invisible.


Middletown is hinted to be fairly large, as it is home to multiple schools. Annually, the schools all come together, and their students compete in a "mini-Olympics".

According to local legend, there is a haunted house in Middletown. The building is abandoned and known as Hedge House. Supposedly, a new family — the Stilsons — once moved to town, and they were unaware of the rumors about Hedge House. Legend has it that a ghost appeared to Jeffrey Stilson and showed him the secret of the house, but the secret is never revealed to the reader. According to the television episode, the house is colloquially named after the tall hedges that surround it.

In the twist ending of the book, it is revealed that Middletown is inhabited by inhuman creatures; it's hinted that the book takes place on Earth, so it's unclear how these beings came to be prominence — or how humans became endangered. The television episode explains that the protagonist's species invaded Earth and sent the humans away to space colonies.


Below is a list of people who live in, work in, or frequent Millville:

  • The Jacobs family
    • Includes Sammy Jacobs, Simon Jacobs, Mr. Jacobs (Norman Jacobs in the television adaptation), and Mrs. Jacobs (Beverly Jacobs in the television adaptation) as well as their pet cat, Brutus.
  • The Johnson family
  • The Stilson family (unconfirmed existence)
    • Includes Jeffrey Stilson
  • Ms. Starkling
  • Brent Green
  • Claire
  • Ms. Pinsky
  • Ms. Turnbull
  • Jed
  • Dr. Krandall


Location Reference image
Though only briefly mentioned in the book, there is a college near Hedge House, and it is where Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs work. Aside from its relative location, the only other piece of information the reader is given about the college is that it has a lab.
Hedge House
An old, abandoned, reportedly haunted building. According to the televion episode, Hedge House is named after the unruly hedges that grow around it. The building is at least two stories tall, and it is dark and damp inside.
My Best Friend Is Invisible - Hedge House
Residential area
Very little about the Jacobs' neighborhood is described aside from their own house.
  • The Jacobs' house is at least two stories tall, and it also has a basement. Sammy and Simon's rooms are both upstairs. The basement serves as a laboratory for Sammy's parents.
  • The Johnsons are said to have a house within walking distance of the Jacobs, but it's never described to the reader.
My Best Friend Is Invisible - Sammy's house

Sammy's house

Sammy's school
Sammy's school is the only school in Middleton that readers get any description of. The only grade-level that the school is confirmed to have is the seventh grade, Sammy's grade. The halls of the school also have lockers.

The school has a library, which is the workplace of Ms. Pinsky, a strict librarian who doesn't tolerate talking or eating. After seeing Sammy apparently talking to himself, Ms. Pinsky suggests that Sammy see the school counselor.

My Best Friend Is Invisible - Sammy's school
Various other schools
While none are named directly, the reader learns that there are multiple schools in Middletown besides Sammy's.

The book alludes to a movie theater multiple times, but it's never explicitly stated to be a location within the town limits. Also, given the size of Middletown, it's possible that there is more than one residential area, but the reader is only introduced to the one Sammy lives in.


  • "My Best Friend Is Invisible" was filmed in Toronto, Canada. Though, the episode never explicitly mentions the name of the town.
  • While it's unclear if Middletown is named after a real location, there are numerous real places in the United States that share its name.
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