Middle Valley is a town featured in the ninth Goosebumps Series 2000 book, Are You Terrified Yet?.


Moving from his old home to the town of Middle Valley, Ohio, Craig Morgenstern is ready to begin a new life. All his life, he's been taunted and tormented over being easy to scare. With that all behind him, Craig hopes Middle Valley will give him a chance to finally be brave.

Describing the town, Craig says that while it is named Middle Valley, it isn't in the middle of anything, and there isn't a valley in sight.

As he grows accustomed to it, Craig finds his wish to be seen as brave granted. A string of good luck ends up making him look like a superhero, earning him the attention of his new classmates, and a positive reputation around town. 


The town's named residents include:

  • The Morgenstern Family
    • Includes Craig and his parents.
  • Amy Suskind
  • Travis Walker
  • The Caperton Family
    • Includes Brad and his older brother, Grant.
  • David
  • Frankie
  • Gus


Middle Valley Middle School
Craig's new school. Not much description is given, but Craig does reveal you have to walk down a steep hill to get to it.
Amy's house
On a Saturday afternoon, Craig spends time hanging out at the house of his new friend, Amy Suskind. The house has both an attic and a basement.
Shady Rest Funeral Parlor
Funeral parlor owned by Travis' father. Craig describes it as a large, dark-shingled building. In a challenge, he is dared to sneak in and lie down in one of the coffins.
Brad's house
In the book's final chapters, Craig pays a visit to Brad's house, thanking him and his brother for their help in his revenge prank.


  • R.L. Stine grew up in Ohio, which could be the reason this book is set there.
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