Michael "Monster" Munroe is the main protagonist in the seventh Goosebumps HorrorLand book, My Friends Call Me Monster.


Michael is a very athletic child with a short fuse. He is nicknamed Monster, because he explodes a lot. But he never wants to be called Monster again, after his ordeal with real monsters in Mrs. Hardesty's basement. And there are much more monsters waiting for him in HorrorLand. He later meets up with the other Very Special Guests, then gets lost in Panic Park due to Byron "helping" them. Michael appears insane in Escape From HorrorLand, along with other guests that were waiting for the other Very Special Guests in the Panic Park attraction, the Tunnel of Hate.

General Information


Michael is best known for having a very bad temper. He has a really short fuse and when someone really pushes his buttons, he gets really angry and sometimes got into a fight with the person. Aside from how big he is, this is another reason why he is called Monster. He used to think that Monster was a cool nickname, until Mrs. Hardesty made him eat her special eggs and turned him into a real monster. And now Michael disliked being called Monster, because of really becoming one. Michael has proven to have a gentle side, as he was concerned with Abby about how she had been frightened in bed and he can be apologetic to the person that he was fighting with. Michael takes a lot of pride in being big and strong and he is a very skilled mechanic and good at a staring contest. He can also be a bit of a prankster along with Daisy and DeWayne, which sometimes got him into trouble. Michael is also very brave and daring, and is always willing to help out when in need.

Physical appearance

Michael is twelve years old, Caucasian, very tall, big, hulky and athletic with short spiky jet-black hair and big brown eyes.