Michael Clarke is the main protagonist of the sixteenth Goosebumps Series 2000 book, The Mummy Walks.


He gets on a plane, thinking he's going to Orlando. While checking his bag, he sees a note from his parents, it reads:


He is shocked to discover that he lands in Egypt, a man named General Rameer is trying to get his hands on a mummy known as Emperor Pukrah, a cursed mummy with powers. Michael then meets a girl named Megan, and they explore a cave, where Michael sees Pukrah walk, it turned out to be Megan playing a prank. Michael and his parents get the mummy and bring it back to America, where Michael learns that his parents are not his real parents. In the end, Megan double crossed Michael, because General Rameer is actually Megan's father, she leaves him a note about what she did. Michael goes to check on the sarcophagus, only to find a note saying:


Possibly meaning that Pukrah has come to life.

General Information


Michael is very anxious, whenever something bad happens, he tries to figure out why.

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