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Michael Clarke is the protagonist of the sixteenth Goosebumps Series 2000 book, The Mummy Walks.


Michael boards a plane, thinking he's going to Orlando. While checking his bag, he sees a note from his parents that reads "WE ARE NOT YOUR PARENTS". He is shocked to discover that he lands in a country named Jezekiah. He is greeted by a man named General Rameer who tells Michael that he is really the prince of this nation. His parents, the rulers of Jezekiah, implanted a memory chip inside his brain which has the location of not only the valuable Jezekiah sapphire, but Emperor Pukrah, a cursed mummy with powers. Michael was then sent to America to live with Mr. and Mrs. Clarke, before his real parents were murdered. General Rameer has brought Michael back in hopes that he'll lead them to the mummy.

When trying to escape the first time, Michael meets a girl named Megan Kerr, who claims her parents were killed by Rameer who then took her in as a daughter. After a series of events including a shootout by the rebels led by General Mohamm, Michael and company explore a cave, where Michael sees Pukrah walk, it turned out to be Megan playing a prank. Eventually Michael ends up captured by Mohamm who tries to open his skull in hopes of finding the memory chip. They find no trace of it. Mohamm has Michael set to be murdered by firing squad, but Megan shows up in time to rescue him.

Michael returns home, where Michael learns that Mr. and Mrs. Clarke were holding the mummy in their basement the entire time. Not only that, but they had the memory chip in Michael's head removed when he was a baby. In the end, Megan double crosses Michael, because General Rameer is actually Megan's real father, she leaves him a note about what she did. Michael goes to check on the sarcophagus, only to find a note reading "THE MUMMY WALKS AGAIN". Possibly meaning that Pukrah has come to life.

General information


Michael is very anxious, whenever something bad happens, he tries to figure out why. He is also very confused over the entire situation, especially after he learns about his past and the memory chip supposedly in his head. 

Physical appearance

He has dark brown hair and brown eyes, and is short and kind of chubby. This is something he finds weird as both Mr. and Mrs. Clarke are blond and tall.