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Micah Brill is the main antagonist of the seventh Goosebumps Series 2000 book, Revenge R Us. He is the older brother of Wade Brill.


To Micah's parents, he can do wrong. He gets all As in school. He is captain of the varsity soccer team. To his sister, Wade, however, Micah is a complete monster who stops at nothing to make her life miserable. When he becomes aware of his sister's plan to get revenge on him, Micah goes straight to Revenge R Us. He pays Iris, the woman there, to make sure any spells put on him by Wade would be turned against her.

When Micah's plot is revealed, Wade finally gets her revenge and begins to use magic against him. She starts off by making him do nonstop backflips. Later, she turns him into a slug. Finally, he is turned into a frog, the form in which he remains at the end of the book.

General information


Micah takes great pleasure in tormenting his sister. He teases and embarrasses her at every chance he gets. Micah's torment goes far beyond plan sibling rivalry into something a lot more malicious. He goes through her personal diary. He tries to pull her pants down in front of her crush. He takes a picture of her sleeping. He appears obsessed with his sister, which ultimately leads to his fate at the end of the book.

Physical appearance 

Micah is described as attractive, with long wavy dark hair.