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  • My occupation is The Vox Populi's number two
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  • ...what exactly were those about...?

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    • MJNSEIFER wrote:

      I have no idea if it was fetish related (and to be honest, that part went over my head with these edits too) or even if it was the same person, but from what I remember, someone kept adding in fake endings where the reader's character is tickled to death (this only happens in "The Deadly Experiments of Dr. Eeek" and "Escape From Horror House") rather than it being named girls who aren't in the books.

      They definitely seemed obsessed with that ending, whoever they were.

      I compiled all of the ones I found into a Google doc. I noticed a... vast majority involve the hypothetical reader's mother.

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    • I read through it. Yeah... I can see what you mean with some of the more detailed ones - it probably is because of a fetish.

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  • It's good that you're fixing some of the small errors on articles, but make sure your edits to the "Blurb" sections are accurate. The "Blurb" sections are supposed to be verbatim transcripts of the back-cover blurbs. 

    In some edits, like this one, you added quotation marks when the actual cover doesn't have any.

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