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  • You seem to have decent grammar... Any chance you could help us rewrite some of our wiki's synopses?

    Currently, about half of the plot summaries for the original series are stolen from Blogger Beware. (They were stolen many years ago by users who will go unnamed.) Ernesto, Murder the Clown, and I have been working on writing new summaries.

    The only "rules" to summarizing:

    • It should almost always be between 4,000 characters and 8,000 characters long. Use something like to check your summary's length.
    • It can't contain opinions.
    • Preferably, ask before summarizing. Occasionally, users call "dibs" on a couple books they want to summarize.

    Other guidelines or suggestions:

    • All of the stories featured here need to be rewritten. (Some people have already started work on certain stories in that list.)
    • We're mostly trying to finish the original series before moving onto Series 2000 stuff.
    • Some stories that haven't been claimed (to my knowledge) : Attack of the Mutant, How I Got My Shrunken Head, Ghost Beach, Bad Hare Day, Return of the Mummy, A Night in Terror Tower, and It Came from Beneath the Sink!
    • I suggest summarizing while reading. That's usually what I do. Also, consider making a list of the characters in the order they appear. I can help with the formatting on those pages if you need help.
    • Maybe create a "rewritebox" if you'd like me to proofread your writing. Check out Murder's for an example.

    If you're able to help, that would be appreciated. If you can't, that's alright too.

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    • I see. I'm honored that you asked. I can't promise anything yet, since some of those books I've either yet to read or I haven't read yet. 

      My question is, does it have to be a complete finished synopsis already that replaces the previous one? Or can it be done in pieces? Like, replace a third of the full synopsis first, then etc? 

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    • >can it be done in pieces?

      If you add it to the article, it should probably be complete. If you'd like to summarize a story in pieces, I'd suggest creating a rewritebox/sandbox and put all the pieces there until you've got the full thing.

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  • Hi, welcome to the Goosebumps Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Slappy the Dummy page.

    Please talk with one of the admins if you need help with anything! Also, make sure to abide by the site rules.

    This is an automated messaged.

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