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Marty is a protagonist in the thirty-fifth book in the Goosebumps series, A Shocker on Shock Street, as well as its television adaptation.


Marty and his best friend Erin Wright are huge fans of the Shock Street films. Erin's father, Mr. Wright, is a theme park designer who is currently working on a tramcar ride for Shocker Studios, the studio behind the Shock Street series, and he allows Erin and Marty to test the ride out. The kids ride the tramcar, but as the ride progresses, they get into one scary situation after another. From battling giant praying mantises to an encounter with zombies that rise out of the ground, to being attacked by Wolf Boy and Wolf Girl. Erin and Marty begin to suspect that the attractions on the ride aren't fake. They're real and they're deadly.

Erin and Marty eventually find themselves on Shock Street, just as a movie is being filmed. They ask the director, Mr. Denver, how to find Mr. Wright, and he mentions that they should go through Shockro's House of Shocks. Marty runs to the house just as Erin spots a large power cord sticking out of the back of Mr. Denver. Before she can warn Marty, he steps inside the house and winds up getting electrocuted. Mr. Wright shows up. Erin panics before she starts to slur her speech and then slowly shuts down. Mr. Wright says that he has no idea why the two robot children he created starting acting out on their own, chalking it up to them being faulty. He picks up the Erin and Marty robots and takes them back to his workshop to be repaired.

In the ending of the television adaptation, while Mr. Wright works on new versions of the Erin and Marty robots, the originals suddenly come back to life, ready to get their revenge. Despite his best efforts, he cannot shut either robot off as they tell him that even robots want to live.

General information


Marty is a bit of a scaredy-cat, but always tries to act braver than he actually is. He is also a prankster, constantly trying to scare Erin, much to her annoyance.

Physical appearance

In the book, Marty is short and kind of chubby. He has a round face, short black hair, and blue eyes. In the episode, Marty has brown hair and brown eyes.



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