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Martin Manse is the second main antagonist in the eleventh Goosebumps Series 2000 book, Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls. He is the younger brother of Oswald Manse.


Many years ago, Martin and his brother, Oswald, who were a wicked pair burned down half of their town called Highgrave, killing many citizens in the process. To make it worse, they also started the fire for fun, which had the authorities put them on the hanging tree for their crimes and nature. However, after he was buried, Martin became a Graveyard Ghoul and like many of the dead in Highgrave, he could not sleep, so he would step out of his grave at night. He and Oswald share the grave, which has a double tombstone with a crow on top. And under the crow was a warning telling others about disturbing their rest at their own peril, meaning that Martin and his brother would have to punish whomever disturbed them.

General information


Like his brother, Martin is highly sadistic, with a cruelness so deep that some say that he and his brother were pure evil. He is highly destructive and would not hesitate to destroy whatever is in sight. He proved to be determined to be sure that the dead will live and the living will die. And Martin would never let anyone stand in his way while he is causing destruction.



  • Martin's real form was never revealed. All that was revealed was two deep, dark holes for eyes. Whilst his real form was never revealed, it can be assumed that Martin has the rotting body of a thirteen-year-old.