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Margret Brewer is the main protagonist of the second Goosebumps book Stay Out of the Basement, and its television adaptation. She is the older sister of Casey Brewer.


Core history

Stay Out of the Basement

In the second Goosebumps book, Margaret and Casey Brewer's father, Dr. Michael Brewer, was a botanist who did some mysterious work pertaining to plants in the basement. He barely spent time with his family, and they were worried about him. Later, Dr. Brewer took his wife to the airport to visit her hospitalized sister in Tucson. Margaret, Casey, and their friend, Diane took this as an opportunity to go down into the humid basement and investigate Dr. Brewer's strange experiments. They found a wide variety of gigantic plants, and, to their horror, some plants seemed to be 'alive' and breathing. The trio fled the basement at roughly the same time Dr. Brewer returned home. When Dr. Brewer saw Margaret and Casey exiting the basement after they went down there again to get Casey's shirt back, he calmly took them to the kitchen and told them that they were forbidden from entering the basement. Later, Margaret noticed eerie things about her father, such as him eating plant food, bleeding green goo, growing leaves on his head, and keeping dirt and worms in his bed.

The next morning, while their father was trying to force them to eat mashed green potatoes, Mr. Martinez, his former boss, arrived to discuss Dr. Brewer's experiments, and the kids disposed of the food in the trash. The next morning, Margaret and Casey snuck into the basement again while their father was absent and found Mr. Martinez's suit, which made them question if he actually left their house. When they met their father afterwards, he claimed that Mr. Martinez took off his suit because of the humidity, but left without it. Mrs. Brewer returned home the following morning. When Margaret and Casey snuck back into the basement, they discovered the rest of Mr. Martinez's clothes and heard noises coming from a supply closet. Inside, they found Dr. Brewer wrapped in plant tendrils. They untied him, and he told them that the ‘father’ they'd been living with was a hybrid plant clone of him that he accidentally created during one of his experiments.

When the clone appeared, Margaret was forced into deciding which one of the two was her real father. Grabbing a knife, she made a small cut on her father's arm and red blood seeped out, causing her to realize he was her real father (after he called her “Princess,” which was a nickname the clone never called her). When she decided who her real father was, the real Dr. Brewer took an ax and chopped the clone in half. A week later, the real father abolished his basement experiments. As Margaret made her way back into the house from the yard, a small plant began speaking to her, claimed that it's her real father.

TV series

In the television adaptation of the book, Margaret serves the same role she does in the book. She repeatedly snuck down into the basement with her brother, and she discovered who her real father was at the end. Instead of her cutting her father with a knife to see if he was the true father, he merely said "Princess" to prove it. Afterwards, she sprayed the clone with weed killer.

Other media

Outside of the book and TV series, Margaret Brewer had only made one appearance throughout the Goosebumps franchise. In Goosebumps Dead of Night, she appeared in plant form in the second level of the game, The Conservatory, warning Twist about Dr. Brewer's Clone's evil plans. In a video recording of one of his experiments, Dr. Brewer's Clone was seen trying to feed human Margaret a bowl of plant food. Throughout that level, Margaret constantly warned the player about the clone, giving subtle hints. Near the very end of the level, Margaret advised Twist to use her recipe to create the cure. If it was used, Twist was turned back to human, and Dr. Brewer's Clone was defeated. If Dr. Brewer's Clone's recipe was used, then Twist's condition became worse, leaving the player with a "GAME OVER" screen.

General information


Margaret is very close to her family, although there are some moments when she would get annoyed with Casey, but she still loves him. She also hates the nickname "Princess" that her father gave her, but Margaret knows that it is a sign of closeness between them. The nickname Margaret hates more than Princess is "Fatso," as people in her family jokingly call her Fatso because she is so thin like her father. Margaret can also get pretty tense and worried at times. And sometimes, when Margaret is really upset, she would express her feelings by acting impetuously. Margaret can also feel the need to stick up for anyone she is close to when others speak negatively of them. Margaret can also be sarcastic at times, mainly with Casey, but she is mostly a positive and caring person who's close to her family.

Physical appearance

Margaret is twelve years old, Caucasian, tall and thin with straight brown hair, brown eyes and dark coloring like her mother.


  • Dr Brewer's plany copy.

List of appearances

Title Role Date Series Type
Stay Out of the Basement Protagonist 1992 Goosebumps Book
"Stay Out of the Basement" 1996 Goosebumps (TV series) TV episode
Goosebumps Dead of Night Side-character 2020 Goosebumps (video game series) Video game