Margret Brewer is the main protagonist of the second Goosebumps book Stay Out of the Basement, and its television adaptation. She is the older sister of Casey Brewer.


Stay Out of the Basement

Margaret and Casey's father, Dr. Michael Brewer is a botanist, whose work had transferred them from Michigan to California so that he can work in PolyTech, where he did his experiments. But then something happened in the lab that had something to do with the plants Margaret's father had been working on, which got him fired. Ever since he got fired, Dr. Brewer had started working at home in the basement, which he has forbidden everyone from going into. Margaret's father got so wrapped up in his work that he never got up to spend time with his family and the only time he got out was to get some air. Dr. Brewer also wasn't the same as he usually was with his family, not even calling Margaret the nickname "Princess" which she hated. All of this had made things very tense in the Brewer house and Margaret and her family had grown really worried about her father.

General information


Margaret is very close to her family, although there are some moments when she would get annoyed with Casey, but she still loves him. She also hates the nickname "Princess" that her father gave her, but Margaret knows that it is a sign of closeness between them. The nickname Margaret hates more than Princess is "Fatso" as people in her family jokingly call her Fatso because she is so thin like her father. Margaret can also get pretty tense and worried at times, such as when her "father" was acting so strange. And sometimes when Margaret is really upset, she would express her feelings impulsively without thinking about it. Margaret can also feel the need to stick up for anyone she is close to when others talk negatively about them. Margaret can also be sarcastic at times, mainly with Casey. But there are moments when Margaret supplied some humor herself and she can be a positive and caring person as well and she is always close to her family no matter what.

Physical appearance

Margaret is twelve years old, Caucasian, tall and thin with straight brown hair, brown eyes and dark coloring like her mother.



Television and film

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  • Beki Lantos (television series)


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