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Madison Storm (a.k.a. Stump in his Horror form) is the co-creator of the theme park HorrorLand and is the psychotic main antagonist of the Escape from HorrorLand video game.


Storm was a lonely child who was practically ignored by everyone: his parents, his friends, even his school bullies. The years of loneliness drove him insane and it became his goal to make everyone as miserable as he was. To do this, he created his own theme park: HorrorLand in an attempt to drive people insane and afraid. However, it needed something special: monsters. After all, it's not a HorrorLand with no Horrors, right? Using mad science, he created all sorts of monsters. The Horrors, the green, horn headed monsters that deflate when someone pinches them hard enough, were among the first. He used the Horrors as the staff of the park and with their help, lured people into the park where they suffered horrible fates. To make matters worse, he placed cameras all around the park so that he and monsters around the world can watch the humans' moments of terror and the best part: their screams. Unfortunately for Storm, one family got away alive: the Morris family and a friend of the family, Clay. Outraged, he swore he would have his vengeance on the Morris family.

Escape from Horrorland

Storm got his chance for vengeance when he sent HorrorLand passes to the Morris home and Clay's house and used them to teleport them to HorrorLand. There, he captured Mr. and Mrs. Morris and separated the kids. However, one of the Morris kids' new friends, the protagonist of the game accidentally arrived with them, but Storm didn't mind. The more the merrier, right? Well, not so merry when he found out that the protagonist was helping the Morris kids and Clay reunite with their parents, and in a fit of rage, sent monster after monster after the kids. Eventually, Storm was cornered, but not before he pulled one final stunt: he trapped the kids and the adults in a twisted obstacle course with all sorts of death traps. If the kids didn't reach their parents in time, they would be dipped in a vat of molten lava. The kids rescued their parents, but before they could celebrate, Clay unknowingly pressed a self-destruct button in Storm's lair, causing the entire theme park to explode. The Morris family, Clay and the protagonist escaped and returned to their home, but not before they were introduced to their new neighbor: Madison Storm.