Luke Morris is the younger brother of Lizzy Morris, first appearing in the book One Day at HorrorLand.


One Day at HorrorLand

Luke is ten years old. Luke is the younger brother of Lizzy Morris, and he is friends with another boy named Clay. Luke loves to scare and annoy Lizzie. When Luke and his family go to HorrorLand, he begins to really love the amusement park. However, when things become seriously terrifying and dangerous, he starts to hate the park just as much as the rest of his family.

General Information


Luke is a young boy with a lot of energy and can be very goofy. He likes to annoy Lizzy by playing jokes on her, such as his "Mad Pincher" routine, which annoys her the most and he always likes to make Clay laugh at his joke and stunts. Luke has a tendency to be punching or pinching someone whenever he is thrilled or to think of some hideous thoughts, much to his mother's discomfort. He can also be pretty scared at times, but he pretends that he hasn't been and that he knew that some things had been fake all along, much to his sister's annoyance. There has been moments when Luke had been quite serious, such as when they had their frightening adventures in HorrorLand and when they had to help the Very Special Guests. Luke can be an excitable thrill-seeker and is willing to try anything out for the fun of it.

Physical Appearance

Luke is ten years old, tall, and thin. He has long, straight, black hair. Luke also has blue eyes and very fair skin.



Television and Film

  • Television series:
    • Season 3 - One Day at HorrorLand (Part I & II)

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