Not to be confused with Lucy Dark from The Girl Who Cried Monster or Lucy from "Strangers in the Woods."

Lucy is one of the campers at Camp Spirit Moon in the forty-fifth Goosebumps book, Ghost Camp.


A long time ago, a dark fog descended over Camp Spirit Moon. This fog turned all of the camp's residents into ghosts. Now, if any members of the camp try to leave, they will dissipate into the fog that turned them into ghosts. The ghosts need to possess a human body in order to escape.

When Harry and Alex Altman attend the camp, Lucy quickly befriends Harry. At the end of his first day at camp, Lucy pulls Harry away from the other campers and begins begging him for help. Before she can explain what's wrong, Uncle Marv calls both campers back to the circle.

Much later in the story, Lucy tells Harry that all of the campers except for Harry and his brother are ghosts. Lucy tries to possess Harry against his will, but Harry forces her out of his mind and runs away.

Harry gets his brother, and the boys attempt to run away. The other members of the camp try to stop them. The ghostly campers eventually surround the boys. Lucy is about to possess Harry, but other campers pull her away and try to possess Harry instead. All of the ghosts begin fighting causing them to blend together into a smokey mist. The mist dissipates into the night sky, taking Lucy with it.

General information


Though she initially acts very nice to Harry, Lucy is constantly looking out for her own personal interests. Lucy is so tired of being trapped at Camp Spirit Moon that she's willing to forcefully possess Harry in order to escape.

Physical appearance

Lucy has black hair and dark eyes. Her skin is very pale. Harry describes Lucy as very pretty.

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