Lu-Ann Franklin is one of two protagonists in Goosebumps Wanted: The Haunted Mask.


Lu-Ann Franklin is dreading this Halloween. Not just because she won't spend it with her best friend Devin O'Bannon, but because she has to go to Polly Martin's Halloween party. She likes Polly, but Polly is known for being rather dull. Lu-Ann, along with her other friends Brad Delaney and Marcus Wright are going to liven up the party by wearing the scariest costumes imaginable. It's also convenient that Marcus' father opened a new costume store where an old store, William's Mask Emporium, used to reside. The three head to Polly's party and head into their attic. It's there where they find a trunk filled with costumes. Lu-Ann finds a green mask and is about to put it on, when suddenly the corpse of William, the former mask emporium salesman, tries to stop her. They lock the corpse back in the closet and Lu-Ann puts on the mask.

The three head downstairs to scare the kids, but Molly and the others clue in immediately that it's Polly, Marcus and Brad. Marcus and Brad pretend to have their masks stuck, but Lu-Ann can't take hers off. She panics, bites Brad in the arm, then tears apart the Martin family house. She rushes to Mr. Wright's mask emporium and tries to see if he knows anything. Mr. Wright says that only an act of love can remove the mask. She gets enraged and hurls a rock through the store window. Now the police are after her as well. She runs off, but spots a little girl who is lost. She tries to help, but when the girl sees her mask, she freaks out. Lu-Ann destroys her candy bag and runs off.

Next, she spots a man who is having trouble getting his SUV started. He asks Lu-Ann to watch it, but instead she tears it apart. She winds up back at Polly's house, but Polly and her mother want her to leave after what she did. Lu-Ann dashes upstairs to find the corpse of William to get rid of him. William grabs Polly, but Lu-Ann manages to save her. However, it doesn't cause the mask to come off, so she runs into the night. Eventually she winds up on the O'Bannon farm, just as Devin is dealing with the ghost of Haywood Barnes. She manages to tackle Haywood, sending him into his grave. This is enough of an act of kindness for the mask to finally come off.

General Information


Lu-Ann is an overall good kid, but enjoys scaring others. She particularly enjoys telling scary stories to her little brother Mitch every night.

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