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Little Comic Shop of Horrors is the seventeenth book in the Give Yourself Goosebumps gamebook series. It was published in 1997.

The cover illustration depicts a tusked, green, lizard-type creature in a comic-book store with some comic books scattered on the floor. The creature is holding a crumpled page from a comic-book in each of his hands, and a comic book is impaled on his right tusk. The creature is also wearing a Superman-type suit, only it has "Super Lizard" on the front of it.



You're walking through a creepy part of town when you find a new comic shop—Milos Comics Dungeon. Dungeon is right. The place is dusty, dingy, and really dark. You can see the comics are awesome. But there’s something you can't see. Trouble. It’s waiting—for you.

If you choose to go downstairs watch out for Milo the Mutant. He's got big, bad plans for you. What? You say you'd rather stay upstairs? Not such a great idea—unless you want to battle the worst villains in the history of comics! Do you have what it takes to be a superhero?

The choice is yours in this scary GOOSEBUMPS adventure that's packed with over 20 super-spooky endings!


After attending a boring after school comic-book club, the reader misses the school bus that goes to their house. The reader is forced to take a short cut through a creepy part of town and stumbles upon a new comic-book shop called Milo's Comics Dungeon. The place is dusty, dingy, and really dark and Milo doesn't plan on ever letting the reader leave. There are two main choices when starting the book.

Story A

The reader decides to look at the comics upstairs. The reader is then sucked into them, finding out that they are stuck in the comic world. The reader finds out that a kid in their class, Wally, got sucked in. The reader then (using magic words) can go to the world of Ballistic Bug or Super Duper.

Story B

The reader decides to go downstairs through a door marked HORROR. They are then GLOMPFed downstairs into a maze where there are many more kids stuck down there and they want to escape from the monsters. They are then presented with two movements that decide where you go.

Side story C

From choice A, in the world of Ballistic Bug, the reader can go to a new comic, Y's Guys. They are led to Professor Y who tells of aliens invading. This just leads to two bad endings involving death.

List of endings

There are twenty-four bad endings, one ambiguous ending, and five good endings.

Bad endings

Ending Paths

You accidentally cause one of the Y's Guys to use "Guest Shot" too many times and melt. The others blame you, and you nervously make a joke, but this enrages them so much they attack you and presumably kill you.

  • 12-66-61-17-134-53-132

Professor Y thinks you're an evil spy and kills you with his extending hair.

  • 12-66-61-63

You escape from the comic but are the same tiny size as you were inside the comic panel. The store owner catches you and crushes you with his fist.

  • 12-66-70-15-56-19-76

During a fight, Dr. Doof grabs you by the throat. You try to tell him that you're not the real Ballistic Bug, but he doesn't believe you. In frustration, you insult him, which annoys him so much that he throttles you to death with his armored glove.

  • 12-66-70-15-92-30

As Ballistic Bug, you try to fly to wherever the "scripts" come from, but you tire yourself out, and fall back down to the ground. The impact squashes you flat, so the scriptwriters rename you "Powerful Pancake".

  • 12-66-70-15-92-119-49-31

You're bisected while trying to pass through a portal (it closes too early), leaving Dr. Doof free to escape into the real world and wreak havoc.

  • 12-66-70-15-92-119-49-95-90-42

As Ballistic Bug, you break your neck when Dr. Doof throws you into a wall, while the real Ballistic Bug would know how to do this stunt properly.

  • 12-66-70-15-92-119-126-91

You allow a radioactive bug to sting you, thinking this will grant you Ballistic Bug's powers. But you have a fatal allergic reaction, as it turns out that you are allergic to insect stings.

  • 12-66-70-116

Wally, who has turned into a giant monster, attacks, and grabs you. He tries to use Guest Shot to escape to another comic, but melts - and so do you, because he's still holding on to you.

  • 12-104-25-46

As Super Duper, you fly upwards too fast so you zoom into space, and crash on the moon. Even in your Superman-like persona, you don't survive.

  • 12-104-102-36

You try to set a door on fire with "magma-vision" (parody of "heat-vision") in the Super Duper comic, but end up setting fire to the comic book itself.

  • 12-104-102-94-37

Tex tricks you into allowing him to send you as Super Duper to the center of the star of Vega, whereupon you burn up.

  • 12-104-102-94-68-105-75

Tex wants to use a transporter ray on you to help you get home. You decide not to trust him after all, and try to escape, but as you move (which Tex told you not to do) the ray hits you in the wrong place, so it kills you instead of transporting you.

  • 12-104-102-94-68-105-130-96

As Super Duper, you are exposed to Ziptite, a parody of Kryptonite.

  • 12-104-102-94-68-114-62-64

After Tex turns you into a giant dragon-like creature, you accidentally burn him to a crisp, so now you've lost all chance of going home and are stuck as a monster. You run outside in despair and are attacked by Wally, who is now a superhero called Gnatman.

  • 12-104-102-94-68-114-73-58

Escaping to a planet or dimension inhabited by insect-like beings who won't help you because they're scared of you. You realize that you don't even know the way back to the Comic Shop, as all the buildings look the same.

  • 51-50-43-20-79-24-78-16-93

Several small insects bite and sting you and the other kids until you all die.

  • 51-50-43-20-79-128-111

Swallowed by a huge snake-like monster.

  • 51-50-43-20-133-41

While running from a monster, you stop to help another kid who's trapped under the wreckage, but the monster that was chasing you kills you.

  • 51-50-80-85-121

You're about to be eaten by Jack and Cammie, who have resorted to cannibalism after being trapped in Milo's maze for so long.

  • 51-89-65-112-125-109

You try to edge around a puddle of slimy goo, but a monster comes out of it and sucks you in.

  • 51-89-65-124-44-28

You try to pop Milo after he transforms into King Jellyjam, thinking he'll burst like a balloon. But Jellyjam is not a balloon, and instead, he grabs you and swallows you up.

  • 51-89-65-124-123-40-14-8

Milo changes into a blob monster and absorbs you.

  • 51-89-65-124-123-77

You're trapped in the maze with Frankenstein's monster, and try to outrun it; but it catches up with you and begins to unscrew your head very painfully.

  • 51-89-86-71

Ambiguous endings

Ending Paths

When Milo changes into King Jellyjam, you admit he's terrifying. So Milo changes you into Jellyjam and makes you the star of his horror-themed TV show. You become rich and famous, with a lucrative sideline in snail farms (since Jellyjam sweats out snails).

  • 51-89-65-124-123-40-32-113

Good endings

Ending Paths

You escape from the comic book and land in front of the school bus. As you board the bus, you find a picture of Dr. Doof, who looks like he's escaping but is stuck.

  • 12-66-70-15-92-119-49-95-10

Escaping with the help of Tex. You learn that the comic book store was closed years ago because the owner Milo died.

  • 12-104-102-94-68-105-130-122-45

You find yourself frozen in ice but scientists were able to free you. They do research on you and take you home. You make a ton of money from press interviews and can now buy all the comics you want.

  • 51-50-43-131-110-137

Jellyjam-Milo suffocates from his own stench and dies. This destroys the maze, and you're able to escape.

  • 51-89-65-124-123-40-14-11

You escape the comic store and alert the police. The police don't believe you, though they find all the missing kids showing up around the place. You find that you have the first ever issue of Super Duper in your pocket, so you sell the comic and become incredibly rich.

  • 51-89-65-124-44-21-118-52-7

International releases




  • The title of this book is a spoof of the film Little Shop of Horrors, which has became famous for the giant, man-eating plant called Audrey lI.
  • The Horror at Camp Jellyjam is used in some of the choices, and even King Jellyjam himself appears.
  • Many of the comics in this book seem to be spoofs of real comics:
    • Ballistic Bug (based on his powers an origin of being bitten by a radio active insect) appears to be based on Spider-man . Also, his human name is Peewee Parkbench (based on Spider-man's secret identity - Peter Parker).
    • The Y's Guys (based on their team name and storyline) are based on the X-Men . The name is also a play on the term Wise Guys. 
    • Super Duper (based on his name, powers, and overall appearance) is a parody of Superman , in conjunction with this, Super Duper's enemy, Tex was probably inspired by Lex Luthor .
    • Dr. Doof parodies the Fantastic 4 villain Dr. Doom.
    • The Cellar of Scary Stories is likely a parody of Tales from the Crypt.
  • In Story A, you are told to use the words "Guest Shot" in order to warp from comic to comic (but are warned not to overuse it) as it turns out, however, you very rarely get to use it, as there is always something preventing you from speaking when you really need it. The only ending where you melt because of Guest Shot happens because another character was trying to use it, not you.
  • There are two ways to reach page 78, 98, 119 and 105.
  • This is the first Give Yourself Goosebumps book to feature the Parachute Press logo on the cover. 
  • This book references Silly Putty and Jell-O.
  • While there is no character named Super-Lizard in the book, there is a point where you, as Super-Doer, are turned into a lizard monster.
  • Milo's powers to turn into anything he wants are similar to that of Masked Mutant.

Reference in other Goosebumps media

  • This book is referenced in "Goosebumps: The Game". There's a movie poster for "Lizardman 2" in the mall's movie theater.
  • During the reworked version of Goosebumps HorrorTown's ''Beast Beneath the Sink'' event, Eric mentions Basaltic Bug.