The following is a list of characters from Let's Get Invisible! and its television adaptation in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Max Thompson

Book and TV episode The protagonist and narrator. He cares about his hair, which his brother and friends make fun of him for. He discovers a magic mirror in his attic that turns him invisible, but makes him feel weird the more he uses it.

Book The family's black dog. He finds the room in the attic containing the mirror by snooping around.
Lefty Thompson

Book and TV episode Max's younger brother. He is left handed and has a lot of energy, which leads to him causing accidents that annoy Max.

Book and TV episode Zack's best friend. He is very competitive. He gets a new haircut which is buzzed on one side, and it being buzzed on the other side is what makes Max think something has changed about him. In the TV episode, it's his earrings that tip him off.

Book and TV episode One of Max's friends. People cal her "Mouse" due to her squeaky voice. Max has a crush on her.

Book One of Max's friends. She has curly black hair and is the shyest of the group. She only goes invisible once, for a few seconds, and mostly keeps track of the time the others spend while invisible.
Mr. and Mrs. Thompson.

Book and TV episode Max's parents.
Grammy and Poppy

Book Max's grandparents. They tend to argue over silly things, like soup. They used to own the Thompson house.

Book and TV episode Evil versions of the kids that slowly start to replace them. Lefty's reflection ends up staying behind and breaks the mirror.
Mike Evander and Mrs. Evander

Book A neighbor with a tomato garden. Zack plays a prank on him while he's invisible. His wife is called out to see the floating tomatoes, but she doesn't see anything and thinks her husband is crazy.
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