The following is a list of characters from Legend of the Lost Legend in the order they are mentioned or appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Description
Justin Clarke

Justin is the protagonist of the book. Justin is clumsy, but he wants to help his father find the Lost Legend, an illusive legend said to be lost in the forests of Brovania.
Marissa Clarke

Marissa is Justin's younger sister. She accompanies Justin throughout most of the book.
Richard Clarke

Richard Clarke is the father of Justin and Marissa Clarke. Richard is a famous author and story collector. He has decided to travel to the Brovanian forest with his kids in search of the Lost Legend.

Silverdog is a large, white dog. Justin says that it looks like a German Shepherd. The dog is friendly and seemingly very intelligent. One of his eyes is brown, and one eye is blue.

Ivanna is a large, muscular woman who Justin and Marissa meet in a cabin in the forests of Brovania. She has blond hair and wears a horned helmet. She warns the kids of the test that they must face in order to find what she assumes that they're looking for. It is ultimately revealed that Ivanna was actually an automaton.

When Luka first appears, he is a hairy, snarling creature that walks on all fours. Near the end of the story, he reveals that he is actually a human, and his family has helped to protect the treasures in the forests of Brovania. He reveals that Ivanna and all of the strange creatures that the kids encountered were his creation.
The wanderers

Luka directs Richard, Justin, and Marissa Clarke to the location of the nomadic owners of the Lost Legend. The group of wanderers live in a camp consisting of dozens of members and multiple dogs. The group has lived in the woods for around 500 years; the Lost Legend curses its owners to be lost as long as they possess the manuscript.
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