Larry Boyd is the protagonist of the twenty-sixth Goosebumps book, My Hairiest Adventure.


My Hairiest Adventure

On a cold winter day, Larry and his friends find a bottle of expired Insta-Tan in the dumpster, and they decide to try some on. A few hours later, Larry begins growing course black hair on the backs of his hands, his forehead, and his knees. He shaves the hair off, but the hair keeps coming back. Larry's friends disappear, and he discovers dogs that  resemble his friends. Later, Larry turns into a dog himself. It is revealed that the tanning lotion had nothing to do with Larry's transformation. Larry and his friends were always dogs, but they were turned into humans by Dr. Murkin in an experiment. The serum Dr. Murkin developed to keep Larry and the other kids dogs was not very effective on dogs, and the kids reverted back to their original forms.

General Information

Physical Appearance

Larry is twelve-years-old and Caucasian with blonde hair and brown eyes. He is featured on the cover of the book. In the book, he has "perfect" wavy hair and big ears.



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