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Not to be confused with Larry Boyd from My Hairiest Adventure or Larry Dark from The Girl Who Cried Monster.

Larry is the secondary antagonist in the ninth Goosebumps book, Welcome to Camp Nightmare, and its television adaptation. He is a counselor at Camp Nightmoon.


Larry is the counselor in charge of Bunk Four, which houses Billy, Mike, Jay, Colin, and later Tommy and Chris. He is strict with his guys, refusing to coddle them. When Mike is bitten by a snake in their bunk, Larry simply throws him a bandage and tells him where to wash up.

Billy goes to Larry with all of his problems, and Larry acts as a middleman between the kids and Uncle Al. Larry seems indifferent or uncaring about all of the kids' issues at camp. Larry just wants to see that rules and schedules are followed.

Larry is also highly competitive. In a game of Scratchball, Larry gets in several arguments with Colin, and in a fit of rage, throws the ball into the back of Colin's head hard enough where a loud crack is heard. Larry says the ball slipped and it was an accident, but Billy insists Larry did it on purpose. 

Bravery test

Larry is the object of Billy's second test, bravery. On a canoe trip, Larry stands up in the canoe and falls into the rapids. Billy jumps in the water after him and finds Larry floating face down in the water. Billy saves his life, passing the test.

Larry is much friendlier to Billy after this, and stands up for him to Uncle Al. 

General information

Physical appearance

Billy states that the counselors are all around sixteen-years-old, so Larry is around that age. He is tall and skinny. He has red hair and has dark freckles all over his face. 


Larry seems disengaged and too good to be bothered with the kids he is supposed to be overlooking. When problems are brought to him, he is uncaring and unsympathetic. He is serious and does not joke around with the kids.