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King Buthramaman is a mummy featured in the tenth Give Yourself Goosebumps book, Diary of a Mad Mummy.


Buthramaman was a pharaoh who died approximately 4,000 years before the book takes place. At one point, he describes himself as the "last great king of Egypt".

Because of a birthmark on his neck, some people saw Buthramaman as being potentially evil, so he was embalmed alive. However, comes to life every night, something chronicled in his diary. However, Buthramaman doesn't write in the diary, the information on the page comes from his mind. When the protagonist of the book, the reader, finds Buthramaman's diary, they discover an entry stating his intent to escape his tomb. 

Buthramaman's fate changes based on the reader's decisions. In some storylines, he doesn't come to life; in one instance, his journal is proven to be a hoax created by Derek, the reader's older brother. However, most storylines involve him actually coming to life. Some endings feature Buthramaman stealing the reader's body, while others feature Buthramaman returning to his human form. In one ending, the reader can destroy Buthramaman. 

General information


Throughout the book, Buthramaman's sanity and alignment are brought into question. In one storyline, he steals the reader's body. In another, he gives the reader his treasure before disappearing.

Physical appearance

In one ending, when Buthramaman is returned to his human form, he appears as a short, young man with tan skin. He has a red birthmark on his neck in the shape of a question mark, and he wears a purple and gold robe.


  • The cover shows Buthramaman physically writing in his diary. In the book, the mummy is said to write with his mind.
    • The cover also depicts Buthramaman as being left handed. Coincidentally, author R.L. Stine is left handed, but illustrator Mark Nagata is not.