Kate Caldwell

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Kate Caldwell is a character that appears in The Haunted Mask, and its sequel, The Scream of the Haunted Mask. She is the mother of Carly Beth and Noah Caldwell.


While at an art class in a local museum, Mrs. Caldwell sculpts a a plaster head replica of her daughter, Carly Beth's, head. Though she is proud of how the sculpture turned out, Carly Beth finds the object creepy and is confused as to why she made it in the first place. Mrs. Caldwell is hurt by her daughter's reaction, and says she made it simply out of love.

In addition to the sculpture, Mrs. Caldwell also makes Carly Beth a duck costume for Halloween. Unbeknownst to her however, Carly Beth has no interest in wearing the costume. Tired of being the butt of everyone's practical jokes and getting the label of 'scaredy cat', Carly Beth buys a grotesque green mask from a party store in the hopes that it will terrify her two bullies, Chuck and Steve.

However, the mask ends up being more dangerous than she could have anticipated, and becomes stuck to Carly Beth's face. It is ultimately her mother's love that saves her, as the plaster head acts the 'symbol of love' needed to pry the mask from her face.

When Carly Beth arrives home from her long Halloween night, Mrs. Caldwell is waiting for her, concerned as to where she's been, she lets Carly Beth tell her story.

General information


Mrs. Caldwell is caring and loving towards her children, and that is ultimately what saves Carly Beth from the Haunted Mask. Whenever Carly Beth is scared, her mother is there to comfort her and her concerns.

Physical appearance

The first Haunted Mask describes Mrs. Caldwell as a tall, chubby woman with curly copper colored hair and gray green eyes. She doesn't resemble her daughter at all.


  • Mrs. Caldwell is never given a first name in the books, but is listed as Kate Caldwell in the credits of "The Haunted Mask" TV episode.
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