Julie Martin was the main protagonist in the eighth Goosebumps HorrorLand book, Say Cheese — and Die Screaming!.


Julie Martin is a girl who takes pictures for Twin Forks Middle School's newspaper.  She really wants to beat the photography contest against David Blank.  But the Sneer Sisters, Greta and Becka, break her digital camera.  So, she finds another self-developing camera and the students in Twin Forks Middle School will never be the same!  She gets an invitation to HorrorLand, but quickly finds out that she and the other Very Special Guests are all in great danger...

General information

Physical appearance

Julie is twelve years old, Caucasian, tall and skinny with long straight dark brown hair and brown eyes.


Julie likes to take a photo everywhere she went. And she really enjoys working for the yearbook at Twin Forks Middle School and she really has pictures on the brain. Julie also has a bad relationship with some people in her life. She reckoned that David thought he was way cool because his father is the manager of Camera World and that he gobbles up on everything and wants to be the only star of everything. Her relationship with him strongly improved after they saved each other's lives at the pool and broke the camera's magic and he offered to be partners. Julie also has a bad relationship with Becka and Greta, as they are so mean to her and Julie felt that it is because that she never invited them to her birthday party. She also hates it when they call her "Ju-Ju" (that was what Julie called herself when she was little because she had trouble pronouncing her own name). She also doesn't get along with Sammy because of how spoiled and obnoxious he is, but there are moments when he made Julie laugh. She was also very close to Reena, up until the recent events with the Evil Camera. Julie can also be as competitive as David and likes to come up with ideas for her yearbook.

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  • The book never explains if Julie reconciled with Reena after their falling-out.