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Josh Benson is one of the main protagonists in the first Goosebumps book Welcome to Dead House, and its television adaptation. He is the younger brother of Amanda Benson.


Josh and his family move to a ghost town called Dark Falls, much to his and his older sister Amanda's displeasure. Josh loves the family dog Petey.

General information

Physical appearance

Josh is eleven years old, Caucasian, tall, and thin with long, curly, brown hair and dark brown eyes along with a serious face.


Josh is headstrong, impatient, stubborn, and can be rather immature to a point. He can also be a little spoiled according to his older sister, as he can be pretty fussy and whenever he makes a big fuss about something, he usually gets his way. And when Josh makes his mind up about something, he sticks to it. And he always has a need to know the day's plans so that he can argue with it. His spoiled behavior does annoy his parents and sometimes they would threaten him in order to get him to cooperate with things.

There are moments though, when Josh has been quite thoughtful, especially when something was not right. He also has some agreements with Amanda and like her, he loved Petey as well. Josh also likes to make jokes, which he is sometimes scolded for and he is often payed back by Amanda when he does play a trick on her. And Josh loves his family and he does get along on occasion with Amanda. And they always do things together, even when Josh is not happy to do it.

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