Joe Burton is the protagonist of the thirty-forth Goosebumps book, Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes, as well as its television adaptation.


Joe and his best friend Moose McCall both have extremely competitive fathers. One day, Mr. Burton brings home two Lawn Gnomes, thinking they'll win the local gardening contest. Over the past nights, terrible things happen to Mr. McCall's garden. At first. Joe's dog, Buster, was accused of doing these things. However, Joe was determined that it was the two Gnomes, due to the evidence he found. Joe and Moose catch the two Gnomes, Hap and Chip, moving at night. After seeing the kids, Hap and Chip plead for help to rescue six other gnomes from Lawn Lovely, a lawn ornaments shop. When they arrive, the Gnomes lead the kids to the basement, where they get attacked by hundreds of Lawn Gnomes. Joe remembers that they were scared of Buster, so he blows the dog whistle he always carries in the pocket, in order to call his dog. But, suddenly, the Gnomes freeze, revealing that their weakness was actually the noise that comes from Joe's whistle.

General Information


Despite being a nice kid and a good friend to Moose, Joe loves to scare his sister Mindy. He loves his dog and his family, but has a strong dislike for his neighbor, Mr. McCall.

Physical appearance

Joe is twelve years old, Caucasian, and has brown hair.


  • Lance Paton (television series)
  • Justin Shenkarow (1996 Audiobook)
  • Maxwell Glick (2015 Audiobook)
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