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Jodie is the protagonist of the twentieth Goosebumps book, The Scarecrow Walks At Midnight, and its television adaptation.


Jodie and her brother Mark visit their grandparents' farm for a month every summer. She has fond memories of time spent with her grandparents.

In the summer that the book takes place, Jodie notices that her grandparents have changed; Grandma Miriam no longer makes her famous chocolate chip pancakes, and Grandpa Kurt no longer tells scary stories at night. In addition to these changes, Jodie notices that scarecrows move throughout the farm on their own.

Convinced that Sticks, the son of her grandparents' farmhand, Stanley, is moving the scarecrows to scare Mark and her, Jodie devises a plan to scare Sticks. She dresses Mark up as a scarecrow, and intends to convince Sticks that the scarecrows are alive. Unfortunately, some of the scarecrows really are alive. Her plan backfires, causing Stanley to wake up the remaining scarecrows.

The scarecrows descend upon Jodie and her family, but she is saved by Sticks, who burns the scarecrows to ashes.

Jodie is in her grandparents' living room when Stanley reads a new chant, awakening the stuffed bear standing in the living room as decoration. The bear licks it lips and growls at her hungrily. Her fate is uncertain.

General information

Physical appearance

Jodie is twelve years old and has long blonde hair. She is the only one in her family with blonde hair.


Jodie is very critical of everyone, but is careful to not let her opinions be known. She is quick to pass judgment on Mark and Sticks, but expects the best from adults, which blinds her to what Stanley has been doing on the farm.